Reading more into Kelly Zack


Media Specialist Kelly Zack introduces students to the Media Center offerings during a sophomore orientation. Photo by Elena Cantu.

Nicole Posont, Editor-in-Chief

Behind the plain double doors at the hub of the academic hallways sits a world that is home to information, books, creative activities, technology and help. The keeper of the realm is Media Specialist Kelly Zack. 

Zack is a name recognizable by most students, but what she does, however, is not so widely known.

The list is seemingly endless. 

“Sometimes I’m collaborating with teachers,” Zack said. “During study halls I work with students on tech issues, I work with students when they need help finding resources for a research project, I help students find books, and also we do run different activities …during study halls.” 

Her day wasn’t always spent in the Media Center, but it always involved reading. After spending nine years in the classroom as an English teacher, Zack accepted the media specialist position in 2015.

“I used to collaborate a lot with Cathy Miller, who was the media specialist at that time when I first started here, and she inspired me to go on to get my Masters in Media Library Science,” Zack said. 

The job is not without its challenges. As a media specialist, it’s important to be tech-savvy because dealing with these problems is now part of the job description. After laptops were issued to students, having strong technology skills became invaluable. 

“Mrs. Zack has helped keep order to all of the 

chaos,”  Technology Support Specialist Tim Gunier said. “I couldn’t even really list all the things she helps with because it’s quite literally everything.” 

Though her job may not always be simple due to technology problems, she takes pride in making student-to-book connections. 

“My favorite part of my job is talking with students about what they’re reading and helping them find that book that they just can’t put down,” Zack said. 

Her passion for her job has transfor

med the Media Center. She strives for ways to make accessing information about their resources more student-friendly.

“At the beginning of the year, I see all freshman classes and give them an orientation to the Media Center, and services that we provide,” Zack said. “Due to not being in the building last year, I’m seeing freshmen  and sophomores during their study hall this year.” 

Zack’s goal to make everyone’s life

easier includes teachers. Faculty members may have her as a go-to for questions ranging from, ‘why can’t I connect to the WiFi?’ to ‘do you have five sets of Jenga that I can borrow?’

It may not always be a quick fix, but “She will find the answer,” English teacher Stacey Beaupre said. “Even if it’s something that she’s not knowledgeable about, she is always willing to reach out to the appropriate people to get you the ans


Faculty members also recommend seeing her

. Whether a student is feeling down or needs some alone time, the Media Center is a great place to suggest.

“Mrs. Zack is an awesome resource and does so much good for students behind the scenes,” Assistant Principal and head of Student Services Art Stafford said. “She really is as much an interventionist as she is a media specialist.” 

Unfortunately, some students aren’t aware of what the Media Center has to offer. 

 “Over the past few years we have purchased new books with topics relating to today’s teens and young adults,” media teaching assistant Theresa Campagna said. “We are a welcoming environment …and will be doing some new activities to engage students and have fun.” 

The Media Center is a tool to be used by students to help in whatever way they need. Whether studying for the SAT or playing solitaire, there is a space for everything. 

“We truly want to support students and we look forward to seeing them their freshman year, sophomore year, junior year, and senior year,” Zack said.