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Senior Julia Gerard will attend University of Missouri and major in journalism.
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Reflecting before graduate

Julia Gerard, News Editor May 13, 2022

As the senior News Editor, I have known that I would be writing  a column for the May newspaper issue since the beginning of the school year, but I did not truly realize how quickly that time would come....

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Finals no longer benefits students

Prowler Staff May 13, 2022

Finals do not accurately represent the knowledge that students acquire over the course of a semester. Thus, District 202 should permanently remove the practice of dispensing final exams. The exams used...

Happiness: a priceless pursuit

Mary Henry, Staff Reporter May 13, 2022

The idea that money can buy happiness is absolutely preposterous. Obviously, joy isn’t a physical thing that can be put in a shopping cart, but that is not the argument here. Happiness is a long-lasting...

Opportunity is not cheap

Malvina Policarpova, Staff Reporter May 13, 2022

When people argue whether money can buy happiness or not, they often forget that everything depends on the person, how they use money and how they perceive happiness. Some people don’t need a lot to...

Graphic by Paige Collins

Life skills create well-rounded students

March 23, 2022

Subjects taught in school should be aimed towards real-life application. Math, English and science are, at times, helpful and may even be necessary, but ultimately 18-year old graduates need to know how...

Surrounded by Luck

Malvina Policarpova, Staff Reporter March 23, 2022

Winning a lottery, unexpected opportunities and magically escaping tragedies are all events that are based on luck because typically, they will likely never happen to most people. There are so many experiences...

Lucky stars merely convenient reason

Mary Henry, Staff Reporter March 23, 2022

Luck is considered by many to be a force that can influence good or bad events—some sort of magical energy that helps people win lotteries or ruins their travel plans with unforeseen storms. But, while...

Penguin Young Readers Group

Gorman advocates hope and healing

Mary Henry, Staff Reporter February 14, 2022

Amanda Gorman’s “Call Us What We Carry” is hopeful, relentless and reflective as it explores lifetimes of pain and perseverance. With a primary focus on the Covid-19 pandemic, the poetry collection...

Scott Cawthon

FNAF: Security Breach – Glitchy but worth the jump scares.

Cassidy Schmidt, Staff Reporter February 14, 2022

The Five Nights at Freddy’s series has its fans raving about the newest game edition, Security Breach, and its vast new game style. While gameplay feels incomplete and is glitchy at times, this new addition...

Sovereign Death Clucker sandwich. Photo by Alexandra Eydenberg

Sovereign reigns supreme

Alex Eydenberg , Staff Reporter February 14, 2022

When craving a local savory delight, Sovereign is the place to go. Located in  the newly renovated Sanctuary building in downtown Plainfield, they offer a unique style of farm-to-table cuisine, and although...

Don’t hate on Hawaiian

Nicole Posont, Editor-In-Chief February 12, 2022

Part of developing a refined palette is realizing that pineapple does, in fact, belong on pizza. Other toppings create a one-note flavor, leading the consumer to nothing but disappointment. Admittedly,...

Keep Pinapple off Pizza

Julia Gerard, News Editor February 12, 2022

  When someone orders pineapple on their pizza, they most likely will receive a few funky looks from friends- as they should. Let's keep fruits and specifically pineapples, away from pizzas.   Pizza...

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