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Movie Nights, Now At Home

Movie Nights, Now At Home

Maddy Mirallegro, Co-Editor in Chief March 25, 2021

The loud chatter of the group seated behind you is no more; same with the child who kicks your seat repeatedly. All of the disturbances that occur in movie theatres are gone because you can stream all...

Naperville AMC Theater anxiously awaits the return of moviegoers.

Movie theater nostalgia should not be forgotten

Gianna Feminis, Co-Editor in Chief and Sports Editor March 25, 2021

The delectable smell of popcorn as one walks into a movie theater is something that simply cannot be replicated and is an experience that should be preserved at all costs. Going to the movie theater is...

Snow days thing of the past

Snow days thing of the past

Prowler Staff January 21, 2021

As the winter months come rolling in, so does all the snow and ice. If this was any typical year, a snow day could possibly occur, but what should school districts do now that the technology is available...

a store decorated for the holiday season

Holiday cheer should wait until after Thanksgiving- Taking Sides

Mikey McGuire, Online Editor November 24, 2020

Christmas decorations in stores months before the actual holiday have become a normal sight to many consumers. But, this manufactured holiday cheer at the beginning of fall has bled out of the retail stores...

A Plainfield resident puts up lights around his house in November

Upside to early decorating- Taking Sides

Gianna Feminis, Co-Editor in Chief and Sports Editor November 24, 2020

Many people frown upon putting up holiday decorations before Thanksgiving, but there are many reasons why it is actually beneficial.  Craft stores such as Michael’s and Hobby Lobby have sales that...

Yearly war on November’s last Friday

Yearly war on November’s last Friday

Maddy Mirallegro, Co-Editor in Chief November 24, 2020

As the clock slowly ticks, the screams of fury, the fights and the rage build inside everyone waiting for the start of it all. Onlookers watch in terror as the scene starts to unfold, and the race to the...

Juniors Dylan Rasmason and Calvin Sharp, and senior Jack Kiefer took part in football drills this summer.

Spring season is best option for football

Gianna Feminis, Co-Editor in Chief and Sports Editor September 27, 2020

As the sun goes down, the competition heats up as the varsity football team takes the field. The bleachers are bouncing and filled with energy, and the music blares throughout the stadium. Fans of all...

Do police have place in schools?

Do police have place in schools?

Mikey McGuire, Online Editor September 27, 2020

On April 20, 1999, two boys walked into Columbine High School armed with guns and killed 13 people. This event changed the way schools view security drastically.  Police officers in the hallways in...

Why Spring Sports Should Not Continue

Gianna Feminis, Staff Writer May 6, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic leaves no option but to cancel the spring sports season. As much as we all look forward to sports such as baseball and softball, athletics cannot be a teenager’s focus right...

Why Spring Sports Should Continue

Kendall Streba, Staff Writer April 29, 2020

Over the last four months, COVID-19’s trail of terror has been left on countries, shutting down schools, businesses, stores, restaurants and all of the world’s major sport leagues. About 40 states, including Illinois, have mandated...

Why Universal Is Better than Disney World

Zach Zappia, Staff Writer April 29, 2020

Summer is rapidly approaching, and that means summer vacations are being planned. Theme parks are very popular vacation destinations. Possibly the biggest debate when it comes to theme parks  is Disney...

Why Disney World Is Better than Universal Studios

Brianna Woltz, Staff Writer April 29, 2020

When planning a vacation, Florida is a popular destination any time of the year, but there is also the struggle of planning out activities to do when you arrive. Many tourists enjoy visiting the beach,...

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