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In store worth experience

Jenny Peery, Staff Reporter December 18, 2021

Every day, people purchase things they want online with the click of a button. While online shopping appears more efficient, shopping in brick and mortar stores is a much better experience for the shopper. When...

Online shopping delivers

Nicole Posont, Editor-in-chief December 18, 2021

The feeling of excitement and anticipation when opening a package that just arrived is unlike any other. Now that we have the internet and an infinite marketplace at our fingertips, a purchase is just...

Comic by Paige Collins

Four day school week benefits students

Prowler staff December 18, 2021

Decreasing the school week from five days to four is not a ‘want’ for students, rather it is a practical ‘need’. Students’ lives outside of school should not be pushed into only two out of the...

From left:  Hot chocolate, red velvet, snickerdoodle and chocolate chip are just some of the cookie offerings at Crumbl Cookies in Naperville.  The types of cookies available change each week. Photo by Sophia Woods

Crumbl cookies: a batch made in heaven

Sophia Woods, Sports Editor December 10, 2021

When craving a delicious, baseball- sized cookie, Crumbl Cookies are the way to go.  Getting inside the store can be problematic. People may have to wait outside for up to 20 minutes before entering....

Survey: What was your favorite Halloween costume?

Hailee Munno, Review Editor November 3, 2021

“My favorite Halloween costume I’ve ever done is a Panda. Pandas are my favorite animal and it was just a funny costume.”- Junior Devin Briick    “The best costume I’ve done was when...

A sampling of the offerings of food available at Robeks Fresh Juices and Smoothies located in Naperville Crossings at 2936 Showplace Dr. in Naperville. Photo by Hailee Munno

High Prices, small portions don’t blend

Hailee Munno, Review Editor November 3, 2021

When craving a fresh, healthy snack, Robeks in Naperville seems like the place to go. Unfortunately, this new, trendy juice bar’s prices and small portions didn’t blend. Located in a strip mall...

13th Floor: Each one worse than the last

Julia Gerard, News Editor November 3, 2021

  Zombies, witches, spooks, and scares are what haunted houses have to offer to those who dare.  For me though- I am not one who dares.  Haunted houses have never been my thing.  In fact,...

Skip Halloween if you’re a teen

Julia Gerard, News Editor October 28, 2021

As the back-to-school supplies are taken off the shelves, tacky Halloween paraphernalia comes out of hibernation. Overpriced costumes, candy and decorations are beginning to resurface on displays, and...

Don’t ‘boo’ Halloween, scaredy-cats

Paige Collins, Graphics Editor October 28, 2021

Halloween is the one time of year where everyone around the country can unite in their creativity. Halloween encourages people to be scary, but it also can be a positive event for people of all ages. Halloween...

Cartoon by Paige Collins

New procedure makes schools less inclusive

Prowler Staff October 28, 2021

School should be a safe space for students. For those who prefer a name other than the one that they were given at birth, district procedure gets in the way of acceptance in classrooms.  Per current...

Cartoon by Julianne Pearson

Student safety needs expansion

Prowler Staff September 27, 2021

Parking lots can be a dangerous place for experienced drivers. For 16-18 year-olds who are new to driving, the risk factor increases dramatically- especially in our school parking lot. More safety precautions...

High School Relationships Teach Valuable Life Lessons

Sophia Woods, Sports Editor September 24, 2021

Our  generation is  consumed by social media, and it is getting harder to create deep connections that are not superficial, so finding someone that you bond with is getting even more rare. By taking...

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