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Society resorts to blue-light glasses

Quincy Lezondra, Staff Reporter May 12, 2023

Junior student Pahal Mehra spends  five hours straight on her computer during a typical school day. Spending any more time staring at the screen will only add to her daily gruesome headache. Mehra is...

Tan Obsessed

Tan Obsessed

Brianna Gonzalez, Staff Reporter March 30, 2023

As the weather turns colder, memories of the joys of summer begin to fade. Looking in the mirror, people also discover something else has waned as well.  Their tan.   In order to regain that healthy...

Hair dye: behind the label

Hair dye: behind the label

Sue Ellen Demato, Staff Reporter March 30, 2023

The appointment book is filling up and the lines are only getting longer. What could be causing all this demand? Women who want to dye their hair and change their appearance for better or for worse. But...


When did pizza become popular?

Katrina Nalle, Staff Reporter March 30, 2023

The simple combination of dough, sauce and cheese has captivated the world. Pizza is a classic, timeless food that has won over most hearts and taste buds. The savory dish is adored by many people,...

Influencers influence poor spending habits

Hailee Munno, Editor-in-cheif March 30, 2023

What was once a way to share fun pictures, videos, and updates on one’s life has become the most prominent marketing tool. Social media allows businesses to advertise their products and connect with...

Living Kindess

Lilia Collazo, Staff Reporter March 30, 2023

 Spanish teacher Emilie Hatzl’s love for the environment helps her to be more aware of nature and see what she can do to improve it. That  determination helps  encourage her healthy lifestyle. Hatzl’s...

Vegan meal consisting of strawberries, vegan chicken nuggets and pasta with a vinaigrette dressing

Values, drawbacks of veganism

Cassidy Schmidt, Staff Reporter March 30, 2023

As diet culture continues to gain popularity, so has veganism. While some people simply consider it to be another healthy diet, veganism’s uniqueness comes from its overall goal to eat only plant based...

Seniors Logan Rooney, Allison Smith, Teagan Cushall, and ASL teacher Emily Pomrening decorate the ASL hallway. Photo by Alex Barlog

Languages ‘Boost Your Brain’

Alex Barlog, Staff Reporter March 29, 2023

Bonjour! Guten Tag! Hola! National foreign language week celebrating cultures kicked off nationwide on March 7 with this year's theme of “Boost Your Brain With Language.” The celebration was not...

Learning Secondary Languages

Nicole Posont, Staff Reporter March 29, 2023

Looking to be able to read a french menu? Going to Canun over the summer and want to sound like a local? Maybe it’s time to pick up the flash cards and set off on the journey of learning a new language.  Learning...

Junior Pahal Mehra with her family ready for a Diwali party. Courtesy of Diksha Mehra.

Growing up as bilingual

Quincy Lezondra, Staff Reporter March 29, 2023

“Adios! Que tenga un buen dia!” North senior student Angelina Vera says to her mother every day before going to school. Once she leaves the comfort of her home, she enters a new environment surrounded...

Personalized ads get too personal

Alexandra Eydenberg , Online Editor March 17, 2023

Ever wondered why the products mentioned in casual conversations end up on the screen as advertisements? Well, targeted advertising is to blame.  Over the years, advertising morphed  from general,...

It is possible to juggle school and work

Kaden Horton, Staff Reporter February 13, 2023

Money. It’s the green, rectangular piece of paper that holds the power to make the world spin. Money has the ability to create memories that can last a lifetime, but for many high school students, this...

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