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Google released a feature that allowed users to play the popular 1970’s game Snake on April 1, 2019. This version though was a bit different, instead of a snake it was a train, and the goal was to pick up different passengers. The game could be played anywhere from San Francisco to Tokyo.

April Fool’s Day: a fascinating history.

Nick Pallotto, News Editor March 25, 2021

As people around the globe logged onto their computers on Apr. 1, 2019, they were quite surprised to see the classic  70’s  game Snake on the Google homepage. Users could play from anywhere Why did...

The Fashion Club created “mood boards” for outfit inspiration at their Feb. 3rd meeting.

Fashion Club encourages individuality

Gianna Feminis, Co Editor-in-Chief and Sports Editor February 12, 2021

A New Year brings new after school activities, and the Fashion Club is North’s latest edition.  “It officially became a club on January 5, 2021, and our first meeting was on January 20,” junior...

College Interview Season is Here

College Interview Season is Here

Maddy Mirallegro, Co-Editor in Chief February 12, 2021

For soon to be graduated senior Mia Bernasol the college application one was stressful. She had to take in consideration many different schools that benefited her wish to play golf in college and benefited...

Students have to create their own study spaces during remote learning

Students feel online learning stress

Mikey McGuire, Online Editor January 19, 2021

Ten months ago, the education metrics changed for American students.  School districts are now tasked with the challenge of providing their students with an education and keeping them safe.  This...

Children take advantage of heavy snowfall at a Plainfield Park.

Winter activities

Kelly Lynch, Features Editor January 19, 2021

From sledding to snowboarding and snow forts to snowball fights, many people enjoy the snow. Everyone is outside having a fun time in the snow. Numerous winter activities available for people who like...

Casey bonds with students over similar passion

Paige Collins, Staff Writer December 30, 2020

Lindsay Casey, a chemistry teacher who loves the complicated intricacies of chemistry, also indulges in conversations about the occasional recent video game that has been released.  Video games peaked...

Demystifying the DMV

Jenny Peery, Staff Writer December 30, 2020

North junior Mason McNierney was very nervous to take his driver’s test. He had trouble getting all his documents together and had to endure the DMV procedures. However, once he got in the car, he felt...

20 things we won't miss from this year and 20 things we are looking forward to in 2021

2020: Year in review

December 30, 2020

20 Things We Will Not Miss from the Past Year Movie releases being delayed Toilet  paper being out of stock  Not be able to dine indoors Lines outside of stores Having Covid...

Jason Ishmael mentors parishioner Carson Powell at Community Christian Church

Pastoring in Plainfield

Jenny Peery, Staff Writer December 15, 2020

Jason Ishmael is a cheerful family-man who believes that being a husband and a dad are the most important and joyous ministries in his life, but those aren't his only ministries. Ishmael is the Associate...

End of Year Review

End of Year Review

J1 Students, Staff Writer December 15, 2020

20 THINGS WE WILL NOT MISS FROM THE PAST YEAR:    20. Movie releases being delayed 19. Toilet  paper being out of stock 18. Not be able to dine indoors 17.Lines outside of stores 16....

Shopping safely

Olivia DeGuzman, Staff Writer December 15, 2020

Christmas festooned merchandise, eggnog scented candles and massive blockbuster deals. There’s no holiday without hectic lines in packed stores while trying to buy gifts for family and friends. Yet,...

Spotlight: Julie Fornelli

Aiden Madonia, Staff Writer December 15, 2020

Being an educator is much more than teaching students from a textbook. It is about making a connection and impact on their students that will stick with them for years to come. North English teacher Julie...

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