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Pickleball trend takes over

Katrina Nalle, News Editor May 8, 2024

In the vast world of sports, there’s a new craze captivating the nation.   Tennis, ping-pong or badminton come to mind when thinking of the classic racquet and paddle sports, but recently...

How much work is too much?

Nooreen Hussaini, Staff Reporter April 2, 2024

Most North students end their labors at 2:10 p.m., but for sophomore Samria Bokieva the real work is just beginning .  After school Bokieva is bombarded with homework from her 2 AP classes and other subjects....

Convenience foods proven junk

Katrina Nalle, News Editor April 2, 2024

Between savoring crispy cheese curds to smooth chocolate custard, nothing separates senior Cassidy Stephenson and her Culver’s meals.   Stephenson is one of Americans who indulge in both sweet...

Skipping school for one year

Sue Ellen Damato, Sports Editor April 2, 2024

As time slips away and seniors are announcing their commitment to a college or university, Senior Jimmy Schweihs struggles to decide if college life is for him. A gap year might be an  option but not...

Backpacks contribute to back pain

Dylan Budd, Editor-in-Chief March 12, 2024

High school students are stuck with the weight of the world on their shoulders - quite literally. All of them confine their supplies in a backpack: a simple act with potentially dangerous long-term effects. A ...

Making differences, one llama at a time

Nooreen Hussaini, Staff Reporter March 12, 2024

Llamas. Llamas. And more llamas. Spanish teacher Tara Jungels is obsessed with these adorably fluffy barn animals.   It all started in 2017 while teaching Spanish in Heritage Grove Middle school....

Cosmetics cause controversy

Brianna Gonzalez, Online Editor March 12, 2024

Sophomore Niah Trujillo doesn't leave her house before applying mascara and lip gloss without it, she doesn't feel completely dressed.   The amount of makeup a person applies to their skin can either...

Why do i keep getting headaches?

Hilde Trinidad, Staff Reporter February 8, 2024

It begins with a subtle pulse, a drummer playing faintly behind one’s eyelids. From then, every pulsation turns into the feeling of navigating through a foggy maze of misery, and the pain seems to be...

Design psychology influences behavior

Brianna Gonzalez, Online Editor February 8, 2024

Junior Laney Trepachko cannot go shopping without spending hundreds of dollars. Everywhere she walks, she feels like she needs to purchase a new lipstick or eyeliner. Trepachko is not alone.  Stores...

The decline of the Oscars

Kaden Horton, Staff Reporter February 7, 2024

“And the Oscar goes to…” is a phrase that is uttered while millions of people watching at home and hundreds of star-studded actors in the Dolby Theater in Hollywood wait with bated breath as they...

Dual-credit classes offer early college credit

Elijah Cantoral, Staff Reporter December 18, 2023

Chase Bell is already earning college credits while still only a senior in high school.   Students  may wonder how they can get a head start on college credits. One simple answer is to enroll...

Wasteful winter traditions

Katrina Nalle, News Editor December 18, 2023

Setting up the Christmas tree every year is a tradition that many families cherish. However, with the amount of trees sacrificed annually for paper products, this tradition could be lost.   During...

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