Freedom Brothers’ pizza rocks


Bottle showcased at Freedom Brothers’ Pizza. Photo by Alex Barlog

Alex Barlog, Staff Reporter

When raving a fast pizza restaurant with limitless combinations of toppings, Freedom Brothers in Plainfield is the place to go. 

Overall, the food is satisfying and the service is up to par. 

From TVs stretching from wall to wall playing classic rock concerts, to the names of food items on the menu, Freedom Brothers embraces  ‘80s and ‘90s rock.

Older audiences are sure to be pleased by the rock and roll theme, as there are little restaurants with similar decor. The nostalgia from the decor and decades of classic rock definitely pulls the older audience, but it also entices younger audiences as well. 

 Originally, the space felt  cluttered from all the small tables; however, they recently expanded by combining the current property with the suite next door. Unfortunately, the expanded seating did not make it feel more spacious because the new area is tucked away behind the bar, so it feels like it doesn’t exist. 

The seating area is rather dim and noisy from the loud music playing over the speakers, which can be problematic with crowds with children or senior citizens. However, in the new seating area it is quieter as it is tucked away from the traffic at the front of the restaurant. 

The presentation of the pizzas fit with the “modern” restaurant theme. All of the pizzas are 12”, served on a tin plate, just big enough to fit the whole pie. The prices for the main courses, or “headliners” begin at $13, which is considerably high for what is delivered to the table.

The “Petty”, also called margherita style, is the staple brick oven pizza. At $13 this pizza is perfectly priced. Featuring fresh mozzarella, sauce, and basil leaves, it has the basic flavors of a standard pizza. There’s nothing extra special about this pizza, except the dough. Equally soft and crunchy, the dough contains all the necessary textures.
While the “Petty” is uninspiring , the “Foo” , sitting at $17, is overall a solid choice. The combination of BBQ sauce, slow roasted pulled pork, smoked mozzarella, jalapeno bacon, grilled pineapple, crispy onion strings and cilantro all make for an interesting merge of southern BBQ and brick oven pizza. 

Though some people may seem skeptical about BBQ pizza, as it is usually a hit or miss, this one is definitely a hit. The smoky flavor of the BBQ pork mixed with the sweet pineapple and the savory bacon create an explosion of flavor, and the crispy crust ties it all together.

Also on the menu are sandwiches, appetizers, salads, a kids section, and a desert menu.

Though the prices are expensive, the servers are  up to par,  tentative to the tables, and are willing to offer their opinion on what’s best on the menu. 

Both of these pizzas are included in the $10 menu special, which really impacts the quality of the visit. This $10 dollar special is featured every wednesday, with select pies featured at a great discounted price. 

An order out option is available, and the food is left on a rack right inside the doorway. This is problematic as the drafts of air from the door could ruin the warm temperature of the pizza. 

On the opposite side of the restaurant, the kitchen is somewhat open for viewing, as the only thing separating the seating from it is a half wall. Scents from the freshly cooked dough fill the area hugging the half wall, which builds anticipation as patrons wait for their food.  

Overall, Freedom Brothers successfully combines Rock ‘N Roll and brick oven pizza. From food to service, ⅘ stars is an appropriate rating. 

Freedom Brothers Pizzeria and Alehouse is located in Plainfield’s Heritage Meadows Village Center just off Rte. 59 and 119th Street