Living Kindess

Lilia Collazo, Staff Reporter

 Spanish teacher Emilie Hatzl’s love for the environment helps her to be more aware of nature and see what she can do to improve it. That  determination helps  encourage her healthy lifestyle.

Hatzl’s mission in life is to spread the news to be more environmentally healthy and do anything to preserve animals and wildlife. 

“This is our home,” Hatzl said. “We need to protect it and have more connection to the things around us.”

She contributes to the conservation of animals and drives people to help the planet.. 

“Mrs. Hatzl is a very conscience person of the world around her and has inspired me to be more conscious about the earth around me,” freshman Maddie Doan said.

This shows how much of an impact Hatzl has on herself, the world around her, and people around her.

According to Hatzl, “Conserving our planet is very important to our survival, because if we don’t have a planet to live on, how do we survive?” 

 One way Hatzl works to keep the earth healthy is by adopting a vegan diet. Hatzl believes that eating plentiful food such as a plant-based diet can improve the body’s health, energy and mind stability.

“Always aim to see the good, be the good and lead with good,” Hatzl said.

Animal cruelty is a problem in the environment, and Hatzl stresses the importance of eating a plant-based diet to lead a cruelty-free life. 

“Meat consumption has a huge effect on the environment,” Hatzl said. “ I feel that today we are disconnected to where our food comes from.”

Importance of mindfulness or ‘momento de calma’ is a calming meditation that Hatzl performs for her students at the beginning of class to help them calm their mind and find peace in breathing and meditation. She uses this daily meditation for her students to utilize the time to open their mind and focus on the day. 

“I think Mrs. Hatzl is a kind person for taking time each day to meditate with us,” Jullissa Salgado said.

“Build a stronger connection with mindfulness and the mind, leading to being more aware of feelings and people.”

Because of  the stress that comes with life, Hatzl encourages her students to have good, healthy and smart hobbies that include exercise. It is not only good for the body’s health, but it can also improve intelligence. According to Hatzl,  it is important to take care of the mind which in turn takes care of the body. 

“I love anything outside, exercising, hiking, gardening, playing with my sons,” Hatzl said. “Anything that will push me out of my comfort zone.” 

Hatzel believes utilizing  mindfulness makes people  more aware of others feelings. Also, kindness can entail being mindful of others feelings.  

“Knowing kindness is a skill that can be developed and learned, and the result is a ripple effect,” Hatzl said. 

As the sponsor of the Acts of Random Kindness Club, she accepts her participants and heeds them to use kindness to spread happiness through others..  

“Kindness impacts lives in big ways and in small ways everyday,” Hatzl said. “Everything has a  complete effect, even something as simple as a smile.”