Mochii Donut shop: not worth the dough


Alexandra Eydenberg, Online Editor

As boba tea continues to take the western world by storm, there is a new spot located in the Fox Valley Shopping Center food court whose appearance is catnip to any tea enthusiast. Unfortunately, although the idea is unique, Mochii Donut severely lacks the quality and prices of other cafes and boba tea shops. 

Mochii Donut sells a wide variety of Korean corn dogs, mochi donuts, and boba teas. All this variety helps give shoppers a false sense of security in the company. 

Despite their prevalence in Korea and Japan, Mochi Donuts are relatively new to the U.S. market. Unlike the ordinary American donut, mochi donuts contain less than half the calories making them an advantageous alternative to the typical sugar-loaded treat. 

However, a healthy alternative comes at a price. One mochi donut and an 8 oz. can of boba tea, priced at $10.25 for the donut/boba combo, tasted bland and poorly made. An American donut and a medium 16 oz iced latte from Dunkin Donuts, priced at $6.81, is a much more reasonable price for better flavor. 

Upon first glance, the donuts look delicious. With a wide array of flavors ranging from taro to strawberry to lychee, each adorable donut was visually  tempting. However, the donut was dry and the Nutella overpowered any miniscule flavor of the donut itself.

As for the tea, its mediocrity was not nearly worth the price. The boba was overcooked and chewy as a result.  Ma Tea House, also located in Fox Valley Shopping Center, has roughly the same price range for much better quality and value. On top of that, Ma Tea House drinks are made to order, starting at $4.19, rather than providing customers with canned teas. 

Additionally, on this visit, Mochii Donut had only one staff member working the front counter. Though friendly, she appeared terribly untrained and uninformed about the products that were displayed and advertised at the counter. 

After making a purchase, it took  nearly 10 minutes to receive a prepackaged donut and canned boba tea. This might be understandable if there was a long line of customers, but on this particular day, there was no one else waiting. Given the extensive menu, it appeared the restaurant would be aware of their stock despite the company’s novelty. 

When simply looking for a healthier donut option, Mochii Donuts is a great spot. As for the boba tea, simply walk the extra yards to Ma Tea house for a much better experience. However, if taste and budget are important, it would be best to keep searching for a better option.