New code allows for comfort

Jillian Schudiske, News Editor

Changes to the P.E. dress code expectations excite students this fall.

Students now have the option not to change for gym class. Improper shoes are the only clothing item that can earn a student a “no-dress”, or a deduction of points for inappropriate clothing, in class. “The biggest thing we focus on is the closed toed athletic shoe,” P.E. teacher Callie Kniep said.

 Junior Hannah Laube believes the new rules are great.

“I really like that I can choose whether or not to change, because some days I forget to bring clothes and some days I just don’t want to change,” Laube said.

It’s up to the student to decide what is appropriate to wear during gym class. However, if their clothing restricts the student from participating in class to their fullest potential, they will be deducted points for participation.

“If the kid wants to work out in jeans, they’re more than welcome to,” Kniep said.

Kniep believes students’ discomfort will ease as there is no longer a requirement to change for gym.

“I think it’ll help people feel more comfortable in the locker room and during school knowing they have the choice to change in front of others,” junior Samantha Schindlbeck said.

The P.E. staff plans to monitor and evaluate the impact of the changes on the curriculum. 

“ I think we’ll be able to reflect after this semester if this will work or not,” Kniep said.

Senior Mariana Gonzales walks track in jeans. (Jillian Schudiske)