Honey Jam Cafe isn’t too sweet


Despite the colorful appearance, the Salmon Eggs Benedict isn’t as tasty as it looks. Photo by Sophia Woods

Sophia Woods, Sports Editor

When craving a delicious breakfast, the recently opened Honey Jam Cafe may not be the way to go.

Upon entering the restaurant, the spacious lobby is bright and inviting with couches available for anyone waiting for a table, but with three dining sections, patrons might not have to wait long.  

Lots of tables and booths fill the restaurant with divider walls giving the illusion of less room than anticipated. The decor is minimal with lightly decorated pale yellow walls and some photos, but the many windows were the star of the show. The homey appearance made the restaurant feel more casual and personal.

However, thumb tacks stick out of the wall, which though a small detail, feels messy, and the back wall of the restaurant is in contrast with the front space because there is only a counter with little seating and plates everywhere which creates clutter and does not match the clean aesthetic of the rest of the dining area.

Honey Jam Cafe’s regular menu is extensive ranging from pancakes to crepes to skillets and omelets and is accompanied by another menu which includes about six entree specials and seasonal coffee flavors.

The wait staff is quick to take orders as well as attentive throughout the meal.  Most entrees come with sides such as hash browns, toast, English muffin or bacon.

On this visit, Salmon Eggs Benedict ($14.99) and breakfast tacos ($12.29) were ordered.

 The Salmon Eggs Benedict had the perfect balance of egg to hollandaise sauce, and the salmon was well cooked. While all aspects of the dish looked delicious, the flavors didn’t exactly line up. The salmon had an overpowering salty taste, and while the eggs were very good, they couldn’t make up for the fact that the English muffin was horribly stale.

Eggs, carnitas, veggies and cheese topped the three tacos. Portions of sour cream, guacamole, and a green salsa came on the side. The tacos were nothing better than average. While the eggs were cooked well, the flavors were lacking. The vegetables on top seemed to have no seasoning or sauce, and the “guacamole” on the side was practically avocado spread while the green salsa clashed with the avocado flavor.

The hash browns were disappointing as well. Instead of warm, crispy hash browns with a soft potato flavor, they were greasy and flavorless. Only after drenching them in hot sauce were they edible.

Both entrees were a hefty serving of food, but more definitely does not mean better. While the amount was good for the value, the taste of the food wasn’t good enough for a customer to actually eat that much. 

Compared to other restaurants in the area, the prices weren’t too far off. Larry’s Diner, for example, charges between $10.99- 13.99 for their egg dishes.

Though the atmosphere and service are probably the best part of dining at the new Honey Jam Cafe, the mediocre quality food for high prices is not worth it.