20 College Things

Jenny Peery, Staff Reporter

  1. Professors will ask you to do ice breaker questions. Constantly. They will never go away. 
  2. Don’t waste your meal plan during welcome week – you will be bombarded with free food. 
  3. Don’t buy your books until you know for sure you will need them. And even then, rent them online instead of buying them – you’ll save hundreds. 
  4. Some of your professors will be way more laid back than you ever thought they would be. 
  5. Don’t date anyone in your hall – it will end badly and be awkward for the rest of the year. 
  6. If you need to take a math class and aren’t in a math related major, take it sooner rather than later. You will quickly forget all of the math you know now. 
  7. No one is really paying attention to you, they’re all focused on themselves too. Don’t stress about doing anything embarrassing. 
  8. You won’t wear most of the clothes you brought, just the same few comfortable outfits. 
  9. Everything costs money. You cannot escape it. 
  10. Your college offers mental health services – use them!
  11. Taking an 8 am class will always be better than taking a night class. 
  12. Speaking of 8 am classes, freshmen get last pick on class times; you’ll probably end up with one of these terrible, early time slots. 
  13. Develop relationships with your professors. You’ll thank yourself later when you inevitably need help – or grace – in your class, or when you find yourself in need of a job reference. 
  14. Some universities can be really spaced out; one minute you’ll be in one hall, and ten minutes later you’re in your next class on the total opposite side of campus. 
  15. Your freshman year friends probably won’t last all of college, and that’s okay. They tend to just form out of convenience that first year based on who you’re around in classes and dorms. 
  16. Always carry a portable charger with you. You never know when your battery will get low and you need a charge. 
  17. If you’re one of the few freshmen with a car on campus, be prepared for everyone to try and be your friend; they really just want free rides. 
  18. Be prepared to show up and participate in class; many classes have attendance and participation requirements that will affect your grade. 
  19. Take advantage of all the different experiences and opportunities offered to you, don’t be afraid to try lots of new things.
  20. The four years go by fast, make the most of every day!