Art show goes online


Senior Scarlette Conners uses a mobile app called “Auto Desk” for her graphic design piece titled “Death Blossom.” Photo courtsey of Peter Quimby

Paige Collins, Graphic Editor

North artists will display their creativity during the virtual show on May 16.


This marks the first spring art show after a two year hiatus.  Although traditionally the show is held in person, due to scheduling conflicts, it will be virtual. Artists are looking forward to showing  off what they have accomplished. 


“I finally have a place where people can view my art,” junior Lauren Chavez said. “I am just as excited to see other work as well.” 


Despite not having a live show, the artists are hopeful for any audience to view their creations.


“We are disappointed in not having the physical display of our hard work in-person, but there is an advantage to having a virtual show,” art teacher Peter Quimby said. “Sharing a link to our exhibit will expand our audience, with 24/7 access and keep it open much longer.” 


The annual art show is an opportunity for current art class students to showcase their talent. For some participants, it is the first time their art has been viewed by an audience.  


“I’m excited because this is one of the chances that I get to present my artwork to the world,” said.


Participating in the annual show is a requirement for all art students according to Quimby. 


“The Visual Arts are performance-based just like the other academics,” Quimby said.


The  show is an opportunity to see growth in their artistic skills especially if multiple art classes are taken or from practice. Junior Emily Scofield has taken three years of art: art foundation, advanced drawing and painting.  


“It’s nice to see progression of your own abilities throughout the years,” Scofield said. 


Quimby encourages his students to advance in their art. 


“His grading style pushes me more and more to try harder to get as close as I can to 100%,” Scofield said.