Fast Take: Camila Pavon

Sophia Woods, Sports Editor


What events are you focused on this season and what do you hope to accomplish?

I am focusing on the 400m and 200m this year and I am hoping to PR on both events and cut off a few seconds to my current PR.

As a team, what is your goal for this season?

I hope the team has lots of fun this season and puts their full effort so we can make it to state this year and push each other to reach our goals.

How does the bond between you and your team help you improve better?

The bond I have with my team helps me push myself to do better and try harder. I want the girls to see how dedication to the sport leads to improvement and success. I love encouraging my teammates and I want to see then succeed in every way possible, 

Do you think indoor season is a good prep for outdoor, or is it a completely different feeling? 

I do think that indoor track season is a perfect way because you are already in shape and have a bond with the team and it is just great practice as well.

How do your coaches inspire you? 

I love my coaches the inspire me to “MOVEEE’ every day and strive to reach my goals and tp never give up.

What helps you mentally prepare for a race? 

Personally what I have to do to mentally prepare for a race is to first eat well, then think about how I am going to pace myself depending on how many meters I am about to run. I focus my breathing then I am ready to race knowing I have the most supportive team by my side.