Tyler the Creator takes Chicago


Tyler, the Creator salutes the audience as he performs at the United Center on Feb. 22. Photo by Julia Gerard

Julia Gerard, Entertainment Editor

When someone brings up rap music, Tyler the Creator is one of the first artists  that comes to mind. The tour of his  latest album “Call Me If You Get Lost” rocked the United Center on Feb. 22.  

Before Tyler tore up the stadium, three performers took to the stage.  First,  dressed in a construction worker’s uniform and hat, rapper Teezo Touchdown sang and danced, hyping up the audience. Bright strobe lights reflected off of his intricate sets  as the audience jumped up and down even though he sounded offkey.

Afterwards, the lights dimmed, and Vince Staples took the stage as the next opening act. He sang popular songs such as “Are You With That?” and “Norf Norf.” A fog machine was placed by the stage and the lighting changed from blues to reds to white, creating an upbeat atmosphere. Staples did an amazing job of raising the crowd’s adrenaline for the next opener, as well as building up the excitement for Tyler. 

The final opening act was Kali Uchis.  The entire audience cheered when the lights dimmed, and she opened with “Dead To Me,” a song with over 232 million streams on Spotify from her “Isolation” album released in 2018. Everyone was singing along and waving their arms in the air. Uchis also sang “Telepatia,” “After The Storm” and “Fue Mejor.” By far, Uchis put on the best performance of the opening acts while incorporating intense choreography. Her vocals were astounding, filling the space with powerful energy as she sang.  Unfortunately, Uchis and Tyler did not sing any of the songs they have together which was a disappointing and missed opportunity.   

As Uchis wrapped up, anticipation built up in the crowd as the stadium crew began to erect a blue house built in front of a screen as well as a blue car being placed on stage.

The lights dimmed as a tropical setting displayed on the screen, and Tyler entered the stage in the car singing “Sir Baudelaire.” Though the audience screamed the lyrics right along with him, Tyler was louder. “Sir Baudelaire” was an excellent choice for an opening song as it is the first song on his “Call Me If You Get Lost” album. The environment was very exuberant and filled with excitement, and after the song finished, it immediately followed right into “Corso” another song from his latest album 

After a few songs, a boat materialized  as he performed “Wusyaname” in which he traveled from the main stage to a smaller center stage. It was a really nice touch to the show, so he could be closer to other parts of the crowd rather than just the crowd near the main stage. This allowed Tyler to  interact with more fans. 

As he exited the boat onto the center stage, he launched into a few songs from his album “Flower Boy” that  has a more mellow kind of beat than his other albums. A few songs in, he performed “See You Again”, and it did not disappoint. “See You Again” has  over 500 million streams on Spotify, so as  soon as the first chords of the song started to play, everyone went crazy. 

Tyler  also surprised fans with popular favorites like “Smuckers”’ and “Rusty.”

Later, Tyler went back onto the boat to go back to the main stage and finish the show. He interacted with the audience and talked to a couple fans as well as sang a few more songs from his previous albums before starting “New Magic Wand,” telling  the crowd it was his favorite song that he ever made

 Starting  with the lights being completely dimmed and him huffing into the microphone, the chords of the song then picked up to match with him as well as the background music. As his part came in, the lights turned red and began to flash, perfectly encapsulating the energy of the song. 

 Tyler’s “Runitup” wrapped  up the show. After the final notes, he exited the stage through the front door of the house set, while his shadow still showed  on the window he left, making the perfect way to wrap up the show. His shadow waved back to the audience and then disappeared.

Overall, the show was phenomenal as he interacted  with his fans, danced with the audience and sang  a wide variety of songs off of his new and previous albums.