Shred club takes on Alpine Valley


Sophomores Danny Dimartino (left) and Julian Colon (right) get ready to hit the slopes. Photo courtesy of Danny Dimartino

Nicole Posont, Editor-in-chief

Shred Club members traveled to Alpine Valley Ski Resort with over 90 acres of skiable ground and 20 runs ranging from green circle to black diamond located in Elkhorn, WI for a ski trip on Feb. 19.  

The slope is considered great for beginners, as there are easier courses to choose from and lessons available.

“I chose to ski since this was my first time ever doing this, and I heard it was easier to learn as well,” junior Elena Dunn said. “It took a little bit to catch on, but once I did it was so much fun.”

The hill also includes three terrain parks featuring rails, boxes and jumps for the students who chose to take their snowboarding or skiing skills to harder trails. 

“I hadn’t gone skiing in a while, so I started from the bottom up, working from the easier slopes to the harder ones,” sophomore Danny Dimartino said. “Once I got the hang of things, I tried out the black diamonds and slopes that I could do jumps on…I would say they are pretty great.”

Though the weather was mild for February, the slopes were windy with gusts of wind 25 mph or higher midday and into the afternoon. 

“The weather on the slopes was chilly, but it quickly warmed up as the day went on because we were moving around,” Dunn said. “It was not bad at all.”

Alpine Valley was voted the #1 beginner terrain in Wisconsin and #5 in the United States by On the Snow magazine.

“I would definitely go again,” Dunn said. “The whole trip was so fun and I got to spend it with my friends as well. It’s such a great experience if people want to try skiing or snowboarding for  the first time.”