Sovereign reigns supreme


Sovereign Death Clucker sandwich. Photo by Alexandra Eydenberg

Alexandra Eydenberg, Staff Reporter

When craving a local savory delight, Sovereign is the place to go. Located in  the newly renovated Sanctuary building in downtown Plainfield, they offer a unique style of farm-to-table cuisine, and although it may be a bit on the pricey side, the few extra bucks go a long way to deliver an inviting, delicious meal.

 Upon arrival, customers walk into a spacious, aesthetic environment. The industrial theme is emphasized by  rustic brick walls and studio lights imitating those found in filming warehouses.  The dark theme from the lights and dark-neutral walls coupled with the expansive bar area gives the feeling of a classy city penthouse. 

  Sovereign follows social distancing protocols, and every other table is closed.   Additionally, masks are required until seated. On this visit, each employee was wearing a mask properly.

 Sovereign serves farm to table cuisine with hit dishes such as the Wiccan Chicken ($22.00) and the Death Clucker ($14.00). Due to the freshness of the food, there is limited quantity available, and everything on the menu is made to order. This is common amongst farm-to-fork restaurants in the Plainfield area such as Freedom Brothers and Empire, so it’s important to go earlier if you’re craving a specific Sovereign specialty. 

When it comes to creativity, Sovereign has an abundance of specialties that  definitely won’t be found elsewhere. The best one of these dishes was the Death Clucker- a chicken sandwich with chipotle sauce and pickles. The sweet yet spicy tang of the chicken mixed with the sour pickle is unlike anything found on a chain menu. 

 Prior to ordering, the waiter explained the menu and current availability of items. Although the menu is more condensed than some of the chain restaurants nearby, the quality of the dishes guarantees something for everyone to enjoy. Throughout this dining experience, the waitstaff was ever present refilling empty  drinks, taking empty plates and asking  if the meal was satisfactory. 

The overall cleanliness of the restaurant exceeded expectations. Due to the time of day, there were very few people in the restaurant, so it was easy to get a good look. The tables were in pristine condition, and  the bar area was well organized. 

Sovereign’s mid-range pricing is   comparable to other local restaurants.  For example, the house burger at Craft’d in Joliet sells for $13 but is significantly smaller than Sovereign’s  $16 house burger.

The only downside to the experience was the portion size of their small plate options for the price. Their tiny seasoned skirt steak tacos for $11.00 contained very little substance. The better bet is to stick with the main entrees for a few dollars more.  

Being located in the middle of downtown Plainfield on Lockport Street, it’s the perfect place to stop for a bite while strolling through the area. 


Overall, with its attentive, knowledgeable staff and unique food offerings, Sovereign is a must try in the Plainfield area.

24216 Lockport St Ste B, Plainfield

 (815) 556-8577