Fast Take: sophomore Jeffery Fleming

Sophia Woods, Sports Editor

Photo by Ally milton

How do your teammates assist you during games?

My team helps assist me in multiple ways while playing. However, one of the main tactics they use to help me push me to be my bear is by helping me on and off the court with offense and defense. Practicing consistently with them helps increase the build of my stamina during games and practices

How do you keep yourself calm during high- pressure plays?

Maintaining a calm composure during high pressure and high intensity games can be hard at time but some of the ways I calm myself down is zoning out everyone besides my coaches and the team, focusing solely on the game and what goes on, on the court and not in the stands, and finally taking deep breaths to help me not to crack under pressure.

Is it intimidating being one of the younger players on the team?

It’s not intimidating at all being the youngest player on the team. I just see it as a chance to get better and to test myself with the older kids. 

How do your practices allow you to perform better in games?

Practices have been a real key for me. As a sophomore I’m supposed to pick up all the plays and the way our defense is run quick, so in practice all we do is go over offense and defense that really helps me.

What lessons do you learn on the court that you can bring into your real life?

The number one lesson I learn on the court that I can bring into my outside life is respect. [That] is one thing we should all want. 

How do you manage school/ outside life during a heavy- practice season?

Basketball doesn’t really get in the way with my outside life. I try to get all my assignments done in class and mostly after practices and games. Basketball takes away something I want to do with family and friends but that’s just what you have to do.