Keep Pinapple off Pizza

Julia Gerard, News Editor


When someone orders pineapple on their pizza, they most likely will receive a few funky looks from friends- as they should. Let’s keep fruits and specifically pineapples, away from pizzas.


Pizza and fruit is an odd combination with the exception of tomatoes, but honestly, who even remembers tomatoes are technically a fruit?   When the two are combined, it mixes both sweet and savory flavors. Though this might work for other food combinations such as bacon on frosted maple donuts, just the thought of pineapple being mixed with tomatoes and oregano sounds  absolutely sickening. 


Given the choices of pizza toppings, someone would not choose watermelon or oranges as a topping. What makes pineapple the fruit exception? As a collective, pineapple should be held up to the same standards as grapes, apples and other fruits which also have no place  on a pizza.


When savory is mixed with sweet, typically there is only a hint of  the savory element. Most often this combination is found in desserts.  When the mix is reversed, though, the abundance of savory tells your taste buds that you are eating a meal.  Pizza  is not considered a dessert food. Why bring the sweet flavor to something that is already considered savory? That is just a hard pass. 


A pineapple topping only makes a pizza’s texture unmatched by any other typical pizza ingredients. The sauce and cheese just do not mesh well with what the pineapple toppings have to offer. The pineapple also makes the pizza soggy because it is just too juicy, and who wants to eat a soggy pizza? 


There are just so many better pizza topping choices over pineapple. Sausage, pepperoni, peppers, onions, you name it. Pizza toppings are known for their savory factor, so, let’s save pineapple for a sweet summer treat, rather than a topping on someone’s pizza.