Artists display talent at Lewis art show


“Orchidaceae” drawn by senior Scarlette Connors was awarded second place at Lewis university’s annual art show. Photo courtesy of Peter Quimby

Paige Collins, Graphic Editor

“Panic 16” drawn by senior Waverly Cayo. Photo courtesy of Peter Quimby

Five North students competed in Lewis University’s annual art show on Jan. 6.


Senior Scarlette Connors, entered the show with her prisma colored pencil piece  titled “Orchidaceae” and won second place. Orchidaceae is a highly specialized class of orchids that have scalelike leaves and bulbous roots.


“I was extremely shocked to place second,” Connors said. “I wasn’t expecting to even receive an honorable mention, so I felt so excited.” 


Connors wants to become a medical artist. This particular field of artistry  focuses on illustrating pictures and videos of medical procedures for future doctors and nurses.


“I can pursue both a career in art and science,” Connors said.


Art teacher Peter Quimby enjoys Connors multifaceted nature, balancing art and academics. 


“She is smart, athletic, and creative,” Quimby said “What makes Scarlette exceptional is the devotion she puts forth to each of these tasks to become successful.”


Due  to tight restrictions, schools were limited to five entrants.    Sophomore Guste Rutkauskas, junior Emily Scofield as well as seniors Carlie Piersma and Waverly Cayo were chosen by Quimby to represent North.  


Rutkaskas entered her piece “My Cat’s Birthday”, using graphite and charcoal as the medium. All the attention she got from the show inspires her to continue in making art.


“All the support I’ve been getting really helps and it makes me want to draw more,” Rutkaskas said.


Scofield entered the piece, “Portrait of Dad”, using acrylic paint for the medium. The process was a unique challenge as Quimby gave specific limitations on the assignment.


We couldn’t use paint brushes, so I used a comb for the hair,” Scofield said.


Piersma entered the piece “Clarinet” using  copy paper, color pencil, oil pastel and a white gel pen as the mediums. The clarinet in the piece has great significance to her and  has been in her family for generations.


“That’s the clarinet that my mom had, and then my uncle passed it down to me,” Piersma said. “It’s the clarinet I use for band the most.”


Cayo entered her piece “Panic 16” using the mediums graphite, acrylics and spray paint. She created the piece to symbolize the facade that people often put up even when in stressful situations.


The papers around the figure char as the border becomes drowned in flames, but even in the most dangerous of circumstances, the man remains dressed in tranquility,” Cayo said.


Quimby enjoys teaching and building an art community. He wishes he could put the students into as many shows and galleries as possible.


If I had more time and resources, I would continue to showcase PNHS students’ artworks in other competitions, shows, and galleries like we did in the past,” Quimby said.


 North has participated in the Lewis Art competition for the last five years. . Quimby enters  his students into the show to display their art to help his artists grow not only in their craft but in their confidence.


“Artists sharing their skills and passion can also reinforce motivation and promote self worth,” Quimby said.