In store worth experience

Jenny Peery, Staff Reporter

Every day, people purchase things they want online with the click of a button. While online shopping appears more efficient, shopping in brick and mortar stores is a much better experience for the shopper.

When making online purchases, people don’t have time to think about the necessity of the items they’re buying, making them more likely to purchase something on impulse when they see something they like. Impulse buying is so much easier online which leads to unnecessary spending. On the other hand, when shopping in a store, people have time while walking around and waiting in line at the checkout to consider if they really need the item. 

People also physically have everything they’re going to buy and can put back anything excess. This is different from online shopping, where it feels less like you’re really buying something because you don’t actually have it in front of you, so it’s easier to decide to purchase something. People will often buy something online and forget about it until it arrives a few weeks later.

Online shopping websites frequently give first time customers certain discounts, causing them to be more willing to buy things that they wouldn’t otherwise have bought, because they think they are saving money. This creates a calculated incentive for people to buy things.

When shopping in a store, it’s easier to choose what you need and leave. Tempting or unnecessary aisles can be avoided. While online shopping, however, websites show customers similar items as a way to convince them to buy more on impulse. 

Although it is true that online shopping offers options to find desired quality and price, stores have many options too. Brick and mortar buildings often have many different versions of similar products to choose from. Additionally, while shopping in a store people can actually see and feel the quality of what they are buying, unlike online shopping which is a gamble.

When someone buys something in a store, they can take it home and use it immediately, while online shopping takes a while to ship, sometimes much longer than expected due to delays or being out of stock. Shipping also has to be paid for, an additional expense that does not exist when buying the same item in a store. 

While it is understandable that people enjoy the ease of purchasing something quickly from their own home, it can be good for people to go out to a store as an excuse to spend time with loved ones or just as a way to get out of the house and get a little exercise.

Even though online shopping is growing in popularity, going to a store to shop allows people to have a better, more authentic experience.