Online shopping delivers

Nicole Posont, Editor-in-chief

The feeling of excitement and anticipation when opening a package that just arrived is unlike any other. Now that we have the internet and an infinite marketplace at our fingertips, a purchase is just a click away. 

Shopping online can be done from anywhere within minutes. Whether in bed, on a train, or even out walking the dog, just a quick tap of the “confirm purchase” button and three to five business days later a package will arrive waiting on the doormat. 

While waiting for delivery is inevitable, shipping times are now faster than ever. Amazon offers services such as PrimeNOW which delivers products in under 24 hours.

There can only be so many brick-and-mortar stores in an area, and those who are looking for a specific object may not find what they are looking for in their town. Online shopping allows access to businesses and products from all over the world. Looking for dog leashes? Only a handful of stores in Plainfield offer this product, but one quick Google search provides 69.4 million results to choose from. 

The web opens the door to many entrepreneurs. . A lot of small businesses can’t survive in physical stores because they can’t afford the space. Platforms such as Etsy or Shopify give creators a space to sell their products to all types of customers. 

Product availability is also an issue for many customers. Most stores only stock popular sizes;  however, customers may be looking for a size outside of that range. Nordstrom online offers womens shoes from sizes 4 to 14.  If shopping in person, far fewer choices are available.   

Though trying apparel on behind a screen isn’t an option, sites  typically show size charts which can give customers a good idea of which size best suits them. If necessary, returning items is simple, requiring just a box and a quick trip out. Many stores even offer free returns. 

Still unsure? Check the customer reviews. According to Rosie Murphy at, “87% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses.”

Online shopping can also be cost effective. Shopping in person requires gas and possible parking fees. The only additional cost with online shopping is shipping; however, different shipping methods and prices are occasionally available. These could include faster, more cost effective or even free shipping. 

More money can be subtracted from an  online order total when codes and coupons are used. Luckily, the internet is filled with ways to save money on a variety of websites. Sites such as are an easy way to find coupons on virtually any purchase.

Online shopping is the most convenient way to get any item imaginable on your doorstep. It saves time, money and provides great benefits.