Fast Take :Danny Dimartino


Sophomore Danny Dimartino (left) competes against a Glenbard East opponent (right) at the North Quad on Nov. 24. Photo courtesy of Piton Media

Sophia Woods, Sports Editor

Q: What type of practice helps you improve the most?

A: The type of practice that helps me improve the most are the practices where I pass out as soon as I get home. Being well conditioned is very important in the sport of wrestling as when a match comes down to the wire, the guy that has more gas left in the tank will often win. Though I hate those practices, they do often help me improve the most.

Q: How do you prepare before a meet?

A: I prepare before a meet by making sure I get a good night’s rest, am mentally “in the zone” and am eating the proper foods in order to not upset my stomach mid-match.

Q: How does your coach assist you to perform better?

A: My coach assists me by pushing me hard in practice and telling me what I need to improve on after a match. My coaches have much more experience in the sport than I, so getting their words of wisdom certainly does a great deal. They help me keep going when I feel like giving up.

Q: What is the most difficult aspect?

A: Staying mentally tough and prepared for anything. Wrestling can beat you down sometimes, but it is very important to always keep your head up and stay on your toes.

Q: Does the bond with your team help you perform better?

A: One of my favorite aspects of wrestling is the friends that I make on the team. Helping each other out and both growing as wrestlers is what makes the sport so fun.

Q: How have the skills you have learned in wrestling helped you in other areas?

A: Wrestling has helped me in other areas of my life by giving me the mentality needed to achieve my goals. It has taught me to be gritty and grind for what I want.