Drive into overtime


Junior point guard Lexi Salazar drives off of screen set by junior power forward Ruby Davis during the match against Oak Forest on Nov. 16. Photo By Julia Gerard

Julia Gerard, News Editor

The Lady Tigers  suffered a 62-71 loss during the first game of their basketball season against the Oak Forest Bengals on Nov 16 at home. 


 Though the  Tigers dominated the second half of the game, they came up short.  


We came out ready to play and played all together,” girls’ varsity basketball coach Michaela Reedy said. “We ran through plays and executed, but we had a few minor mistakes that set us back.”


Rebounds and free throws kept the score close which resulted in a tie score at the end of the fourth quarter leading the teams into overtime. 


We kept our composure and played at our tempo,” Reedy said. “That is a difficult thing to do during close game situations, so I was proud of that.”


Junior guard Jessica DiMartino agrees.


“I think we played really well during the first game, on both sides of the floor,” DiMartino said. 


Regardless of the loss, the players still felt it was a positive experience.

“I think in our first game of the season we played really well, as the team brought a lot of confidence and energy to the game,” junior power forward Ruby Davis said. “We also adapted well to changes in the game and overall executed on our plays.” 


Reedy credits  the fans who helped  the players keep their heads in the game.


“Overall, the energy that we offered on and off the bench allowed us to stay focused on keeping doing what we do,”  Reedy said.


The Tigers are hoping for  a promising season by continuing to push to their strengths.


“My goals for the team as a whole are to keep our intensity throughout the whole season, continue to fix the little flaws in our game and to take the momentum of our conference championship win last year even further this year,” Davis said.