Crumbl cookies: a batch made in heaven


From left: Hot chocolate, red velvet, snickerdoodle and chocolate chip are just some of the cookie offerings at Crumbl Cookies in Naperville. The types of cookies available change each week. Photo by Sophia Woods

Sophia Woods, Sports Editor

When craving a delicious, baseball- sized cookie, Crumbl Cookies are the way to go. 

Getting inside the store can be problematic. People may have to wait outside for up to 20 minutes before entering. The storefront has a sign posted out front alerting customers that only a limited number of people at a time are allowed in the relatively small establishment, due to COVID.

Pink and white walls created a fun atmosphere with the spotlight on a Crumbl logo displayed on a pink wall surrounded by clusters of balloons. The space felt very clean and not cluttered, as the kitchen has a very busy look. 

The inside of the store is efficient. On the left are two self- serve ordering kiosks, in the middle two employees take orders and customers wait  for their orders by the counter to the right. 

Though customers are greeted with a friendly, “Welcome to Crumbl!,” chant from the employees, it feels a bit robotic. 

The kitchen is highly visible along with prep areas for all steps in the production process.  Getting to see the enormous mixers filled with mouth-watering cookie dough is impressive. 

The touch-screen tablet along the wall was fast and easy to use when it came to ordering cookies. Even though people were crowded in the tiny vestibule, the cheery voices of the employees calling out the names of customers and asking if the cookies looked okay lightened the mood. This part felt genuine and indicated that quality was held to a high standard. 

A single cookie costs  $4.38, and orders were delivered in a matter of minutes which indicated the cookies were not made to order, but because of the high sales volume, the cookies were still warm.

All of the cookies had two traits in common – sweet and huge. Each cookie was uniform, and was more than enough for one person.

Because cookie options change each week, probably the most exciting cookie on this day was the hot chocolate. It had by far the best presentation and taste with a chocolate base topped with marshmallows and drowned in a pool of melted chocolate. The warmth of the cookie made the taste reminiscent of drinking a mug of hot chocolate. 

The red velvet on the other hand, was definitely a let down. Overly sweet batter combined with even sweeter white chocolate chips was overpowering. The cookie tasted like a sliver of red velvet cake mixed with a bag of sugar. 

Crumbl is famous for their chocolate chip cookies. Different from many other mass-produced chocolate chip cookies, this one was absolutely fantastic as a fresh-out-of-the-oven gooey chocolatey dessert.  The deep richness and slight bitterness of the semi sweet chips was well-balanced with the vanilla dough. 

Cookies were packaged in their sturdy iconic pink box.  When multiple cookies are purchased in one order, they are packaged together which may be concerning for people with allergies. Overall, the cookies remained separated and organized in an aesthetically pleasing manner. 

Parking is the worst part of the experience. Located in a busy stripmall with other restaurants, the area is always crowded and parking spaces are scarce.


One of the largest trends this year, the cookies have been all over social media with opening over 300 stores in the past three years. 

Though the option flavors are uneven, the cookies can be delicious if you get the right flavor. Overall, Crumbl cookies are definitely something that everyone needs to try at least one time.


Crumbl Cookies
Naperville Crossings
2936 Showplace Dr. Ste. #112
Monday / Tuesday 7 a.m.-9 p.m.
Wednesday / Thursday 8 a.m.-10 p.m.
Friday / Saturday 8 a.m.-12 a.m.
Sunday Closed