Fast take: Hannah Watts

Photo courtesy of Tania Watts


Photo courtesy of Tania Watts

Prowler Staff

What were some of your goals this season regarding cheer? 

“One of my goals this year in cheer was to have a good bond with every single one of my teammates and to put out a good performance every single Friday night that made people want to come back the next.”

What is your favorite thing you guys do?

“My favorite thing we do is try new stunts at practice to step up our skill level on the sidelines.”

How does team bonding help you succeed?

  “Team bonding helps us succeed because when everyone is friends with each other we want the others to excel, and it creates a positive practice environment where people want to come in and work hard.”

What would you say to someone who was nervous about going out for cheer?

“If someone was nervous to try out for cheer, I would tell them they would 100% regret it if they did not. It is the best way to find amazing friends and have a good support system. You will create so many amazing memories cheering on the sidelines, and it gives you another level of that high school experience.”