Skip Halloween if you’re a teen

Julia Gerard, News Editor

As the back-to-school supplies are taken off the shelves, tacky Halloween paraphernalia comes out of hibernation. Overpriced costumes, candy and decorations are beginning to resurface on displays, and people continue to fall into the trap of spending exorbitant amounts of money on the overrated holiday. 

Halloween can be seen as a time for tricks and scares, but looking at the bigger picture, it’s really just an excuse for people to spend. Costumes prices are high and often cheaply made. In just 2020 alone, the US spent around eight billion dollars just on Halloween season according to 

Oftentimes, the weather is chilly during trick or treating season, and it even snowed on Halloween in 2019. Living in Illinois, the winter months are right around the corner. Flimsy ballerina and princess costumes are often hidden under winter coats, gloves and scarves.  

Special Halloween treats that can only be found during Halloween season are just hyped up way too much. Candy corn is overly sweet and tastes bland. Admittedly, the pumpkin-shaped Reeses do taste better than the traditional ones, though. 

Candy is just really unhealthy in general, and Halloween only increases the health issues regarding sugar and sweets. Many kids use Halloween to eat more candy than normally would, and this increases the risk of developing diabetes and heart disease.

Though, there is nothing sadder than your dad dressed as Fred Flinstone and your mom dressed as Wilma for a costume party. Princess costumes are cute when someone is five, but definitely not 45. 

There is also nothing more pitiful than seeing a teen holding a pillow case, trying to relive their childhood memories. If a teenager would like candy, they can drive to the grocery store, not trick or treat to earn it.

Gruesome decorations are sprawled across peoples lawns, due to the Halloween season. Bloody hands, legs and heads sticking out of people’s lawns is a little morbid. Who wants to live next to a house with bloody body parts strewn all over the grass? 

Halloween in general is overhyped and is built up for two months straight just for it to be a disappointment. Inflated candy prices, costumes, and tacky decorations just are not worth the money. Seeing adults trying to act like kids is just sad. It normally does not live up to one’s expectations, and peoples wallets are always a bit lighter by November. 

Disclaimer: Julia enjoys Halloween, and was assigned to this article. In fact, she loves Halloween.