Don’t ‘boo’ Halloween, scaredy-cats

Paige Collins, Graphics Editor

Halloween is the one time of year where everyone around the country can unite in their creativity. Halloween encourages people to be scary, but it also can be a positive event for people of all ages.

Halloween encourages creativity in kids when creating costumes, as they can dress up as whatever they want, whether it be a character of their own creation or a character from their favorite show.The thrill of Halloween is, for one day, you get to be a completely different person, For adults, pretending to be something else entirely can bring a sense of nostalgia.

Encouraging creativity in kids to come up with costume ideas can allow them to be innovative with things like drawing the characters or even writing their own storylines. Creativity creates a sense of self in kids; it becomes a part of who they are.

Trick-or -treating is also a fun excuse for kids to get out of the house and meet up with their friends, as well as get exercise. It creates the opportunity to show off your costume or even make a group costume. 

Halloween also brings together parents who take their kids trick or treating. It can be a bonding experience for parents who may not have time otherwise such as parents who have to work during the day or don’t have much time with their children in everyday activities. 

While some people can cause chaos on this day of mischief or love wholesome family fun, others get together for parties and want to be terrified. Halloween is notorious for having many scary games and movies that can give you nightmares. 

For those that are unconvinced that being scared isn’t good, there are a lot more pros than you thought. According to, the benefits of being scared can be explained as,”When you’re scared, the stress response in your brain begins. You experience an adrenaline rush that floods your muscles with oxygen, providing you with more stamina and strength under stress.”

Decorating your house creates  a spooky atmosphere that you and visiting trick or treaters can enjoy.  Every family has their own way of making their house as scary as they want it to be. Decorations can vary from cartoon ghost figures to spooky graveyards teeming with the undead.  

Traditions, such as carving jack o lanterns or decorating for halloween, bring the family together for the same reason every year, and can be nostalgic for remembering old times when the family would do the same traditions years ago.

Halloween can seem like a spooky holiday that only encourages people to be mischievous, but it actually brings people together for a good scare and family traditions.