Club News

Paige Collins, Graphics Editor


Interested in all things technology and computers? Then, Byte Club is for you. Byte Club explores things ranging from programming languages to game coding. Meetings held on the first and third Friday of the month in Room 228 from 2:10 to 3:30


Want to do some good around the school? Make everyone’s day just a little better? ARK Club is perfect for that. Meetings held every month at 2:15 in Open Area three.  The  next meeting is Oct. 4. 


Does the endless cosmos entice you? Do you just want to hang out and watch star-related movies? The Astronomy Club is made for you. The next meeting is Oct 13 in room 213 after school.


Are you passionate about science and competing with a team? Want to explore other sciences to possibly have a career in? Then come on down to the Science Olympiad Club. The next meeting is on Oct. 27 in room 213 after school.


“Are you interested in fundraising and advocating in order to help children all around the world? Join UNICEF Club. The next meeting will be on Oct.12 in the Media Center beginning at 2:20.


Is acting your speciality? Do you want to make new eccentric friends? Join the Drama Club. Meetings are held  on Thursdays from 4-5 in the auditorium.


The Black Girls Rock Club is back. This club is designed to provide girls with a safe space to talk about real-life concerns, trends and provide a sense of community.

Meetings will be held on the 2nd Monday of each month in Room 427 starting at 2:30.


High School students meet with Young Life leaders/volunteers during the week to discuss what matters to them — fun, adventure, friendship and a sense of significance with an opportunity to discuss their ideas and questions about faith.

The next meetings are Oct. 4, 18 and 21 at 7:11 pm in the cafeteria.


Do you often ponder deeply about morals? Do you want to learn more about philosophy itself? Then join the Philosophy Club. Meetings  every Thursday until 3:15 in room 403.


Interested in chemistry? Want to do cool experiments and understand more about how the world works? Join Chemistry Club. The next meeting will be Oct. 12 in room 413.


Competitive about academics? Curious if you could triumph over your peers in academics? Come to the Scholastic Bowl. Meetings on Fridays in room 219.


Want to support the LGBTQIA+ community? If you’re a part of the community or want to meet others in the community, then come to the Gay Straight Alliance (GSA). Meetings  every other Friday after school in the band/choir hallway.


Are you bursting with ideas for creative stories? Do you love the intricacies of language and storytelling? Join the Literature club. Meetings will be on every other Wednesday after school in room 423.


Are you interested in video games? Do you want to compete with your peers in competitions? Come to an esports club. Their next meeting will be oct 19th in room 413 after school