Student Council officers elected


Photo Courtesy Tvisha Baxi

Julia Gerard, News Editor

Colorful Student Council campaign posters line the hallways as students make their way to class. This signals that first semester of school is back in session


Senior Tvisha Baxi was elected Student Council president on Sept. 9. Junior Rohan Patel won for vice president. 


The Tiger candidates campaigned a week and a half prior to the election. In addition to the traditional eye-catching posters, most candidates took to social media platforms.


“I campaigned over social media by posting on my Snapchat and Instagram story,” senior class representative Michelle Salazar said. “I posted what I thought was funny and random.”


Baxi is wasting no time getting to work.  Her first concern is having the Student Council finalize homecoming plans.


“We have our homecoming week activities like the bonfire, powder puff, and our homecoming,” Baxi said. “It may not be as traditional as a normal school year, but we are trying our best to make it as fun and inviting as possible while being safe.”


Since this year has not been a typical school year, the Student Council plans on doing things a little differently than in the past. 


“We also do not have a pep rally this year like we normally do,” Baxi said. “We will have a live stream where students will be able to watch while it is happening inside the gym.”


Baxi hopes to create a welcoming environment for the student body and wants to host more school events.


“What I hope to accomplish this year as a student council is to have more activities and events for students throughout the year, especially because of the pandemic,” Baxi said. “I really want the whole school to be involved in Student Council.” 


Patel also foresees a positive year, despite the pandemic.


“I hope to accomplish a successful school year, in terms of planning fulfilling events to make up for the last difficult year,” Patel said. 


Salazar plans on achieving a fun and memorable year for North seniors this school year.


“Due to the pandemic we missed out on a lot, and as senior class representative I want to make sure my class gets to live our last year to the fullest,” Salazar said.