High School Relationships Teach Valuable Life Lessons

Sophia Woods, Sports Editor

Our  generation is  consumed by social media, and it is getting harder to create deep connections that are not superficial, so finding someone that you bond with is getting even more rare. By taking advantage of this, you can create a long lasting romantic relationship during high school. 

Many teens struggle to make genuine friendships during their high school years, because  of drama and feelings. Having a committed bond with a significant other gives you assurance that you have someone you can go to and to trust.

Arguments with parents, hard classes, and sports are all stressful things, and at the end of the day, coming home and knowing you have someone to talk to helps immensely with mental health. 

Being connected to another person who shares similar values and interests as you makes you feel more connected to those things as well. For example, if you and the person you are dating both want to be great students and stay away from drugs and alcohol, you won’t be tempted to do so because of that common goal you share.

Commitment teaches teens how to persevere through hard times with someone that you genuinely care about. Creating a healthy bond with someone stimulates integrity and emotional problem solving that help in jobs, friendships and future relationships. 

Romantic relationships create emotional intelligence. You learn more about yourself and who you are when you have to express yourself to someone else in a romantic way. This allows you to learn how to communicate new emotions. Jealousy and insecurity are both challenges in a relationship and having to learn how to stay confident in yourself and your relationship are things that take time to learn. 

Having an opportunity to do so helps you to learn more about yourself and how you express your emotions in an intimate setting which is something you will simply never get from a friendship.

Relationships allow you to learn how to handle jealousy and create boundaries at a young age which are great skills to have getting into adulthood. Understanding your values and having to enforce them in a romantic relationship creates stronger ideals. As you get older, you will appreciate the lessons you learned from having that romantic relationship experience. It creates confidence and self-worth because you will start to learn what you want in a partner.

High school is hard. Life is hard. This is what makes healthy long-term relationships with real connections so special.