Save Romance for After High School Romance

Hailee Munno, Feature Editor

Your teenage years are the most important time in your life to discover who you are and who you want to be. Though getting into a relationship may seem exciting, committing to someone for the long-haul at 15, really isn’t a fabulous idea. 

Involving yourself with someone at a young age can  lead to long-term mental health issues. According to the Journal of Youth and Adolescence, “Teens’ expectations of relationships are becoming established during this period, and negative experiences at this stage appear likely to carry forward into future relationships and contribute to worsening psychological functioning over time.” 

Being in a relationship for so long makes teens feel that they have a serious obligation and commitment to their significant other. Even if they aren’t being treated well, sometimes they continue to be in the relationship and fall into toxic behaviors. This could lead to abuse and ruin future relationships.

Teenage relationships are difficult due to the lack of life experience and immaturity in teens. Juvenile behavior leads to cheating, lying and fighting. More likely than not, a teenage girl who gets cheated on in her first real relationship will end up with trust issues in future relationships.

High school is a time to have fun, become engaged with school activities and meet new people. Having a relationship on top of all of that  is nearly impossible. Young people in relationships tend to be so caught up with each other that they don’t feel the need to hang out with new friends. As a teen, long term relationships consume your time and limit your chances to make high school memories that will last you a lifetime. 

Teens in relationships have trouble setting their priorities straight and the relationship becomes the only thing that really matters to them. They begin to favor their significant other over school, friends and sometimes even family. Grades can start slipping, and they start losing friends because of their relationship. 

Feelings are confusing, and you might mistake infatuation for love . The next thing you know you’re one  year deep into a relationship with someone you really don’t even know that well. Once the dreamy-fairy tale feelings all fade, the relationship isn’t as happy and wonderful as it seemed.

Imagine getting into a relationship your freshman year of high school.  Then the relationship ends come your senior year, and you really don’t know who you are without that person. Your high school years are crucial to developing  your personality and discerning who you are. 

A lot of teens involved in relationships tend to get carried away and plan to marry their high school sweetheart. They decide their whole future around this significant other and potentially ruin future college plans. According to BrandonGaille Small Business and Marketing advice, only about 2% of people end up marrying their high school sweetheart.

Long-term relationships at such a young age are damaging and put your future in jeopardy. So, having a significant other during this delicate time in your life isn’t worth it.