Senior Survey responses

Maddy Mirallegro, Co-Editor in Chief

Favorite Staff Member?


“Mr. Barber, he made us laugh every day and made the topic simple to understand”.-Nate Stadler


“Mrs. Vetrovec because she was the first teacher to make me genuinely like math class.” –Manasvi Kallepalli


“Coach Bodi, I have been in his class for 3/4 years and trained with him after school. He makes his class fun, he’s a great guy, and he makes an effort to get to know his students.” -Jake Rock


Mr. Weathersby, He is very friendly and always greets us when we walk into the building” Ariel Amaya


Roger the custodian because he always smiles and waves at me and he brightens my day!” Madeleine Mayhew


You Know You’re a North Senior When…


“You struggle to open a laptop for school” -Boston Peck


You get mad at juniors/underclassmen in the parking lot (because seniors should really have the right-of-way let’s be honest)” -Anna Isaacson 


“You no longer rush in the halls to get to class on time…like at all.” -Chloe Davis


“You can recite the plainfield north fight song by heart” -Bridget McNeil


“You roll into the parking lot a minute before the bell” -Will Thaete


Where do You See Yourself in Ten Years?


“Hopefully on a yacht” -Madeleine Mayhew


“Not in Illinois, that’s for sure” Emily Elmer


Owning a beauty industry related studio and my own nail supply store.”-Isabelle Talsma


“Hopefully Hotter, Richer, & Happier:”- Lizzie McCartney 


“I see myself working a career in F\finance in some city, hopefully Chicago. At some point, I also hope to start my own business and travel the world. “ -Amrut Behera

Favorite High School Memory


“Causing a fire with a taco shell” -Brianna Coleman


“The football game vs. Central that was delayed so we were here till about 11pm.” -Marissa Richmond


“My favorite high school memory was in chemistry and we made ice cream. one of the students put the salt right into the ice cream mixture!” -Kendyl Sonnenberg 


“The band’s Florida trip. Watching the sun rise at 4 am over Main Street in Magic Kingdom, standing in front of Cinderella’s castle. Thanksgiving dinner in Epcot. It was a blast to see all these schools of band kids being unleashed upon Orlando.” Gabby Bonasera


Advice for Underclassmen


If you have to stay up past midnight to complete an assignment, it isn’t worth it take the zero” -Mikey McGuire


“Live outside the box and don’t be afraid to explore the many opportunities that come your way. it’s highschool, you only get 4 years to make as many memories as you can so have fun with it” -Mia Bernasol


“Don’t hide who you are or who you want to be” -Klair Costello


“Don’t let your grades define you” -Jenna Stewart


“Don’t be rude to teachers, it gets you absolutely nowhere, talk to them and build relationships!” -Madison Jakel


Best Excuse


“Sorry I had to put my cat down I was depressed and couldn’t do my homework (I don’t own a cat)” -Jacob Marsell


“I forgot” -Elly Smith


“I couldn’t complete my paper because I was watching Endgame” -Trevor Rich


“During the winter,  I would use the “icy roads” as an excuse to arrive super late to school but instead go out to get coffee or breakfast with my friends” -Sophia Sung


“An “Excused Dentist Appointment” turned into a trip into the city for a Bears football game.” -Wes Ryley


Embarrassing/Funny Memory


I accidentally almost ate a balled up Babybel Cheese wax wrapper during lunch because I thought it was candy” -Amanda Bautista


“Someone slipping down the stairs while running the flag up at a football game” -Jenna Zilic 


“Watching someone with a rolly backpack fall down the stairs” -Rachel Leigh


“Walking into the wrong class every time we came back from winter break because I didn’t realize it was a new semester” -Payton Webb