D. 202 high school journalists do well at SPC conference competition

Plainfield – Student journalists from District 202’s four high schools earned awards at the Southwest Prairie Conference (SPC) Journalism Competition held virtually February 19-20, 2021.


Plainfield East High School took third place overall.


Plainfield High School – Central Campus earned sixth place; Plainfield South High School earned seventh place; and Plainfield North High School took ninth place.


These students were named all-conference winners and earned individual honors:


Plainfield High School – Central Campus


First Place:

· Raven Easterly, senior – Newspaper Design


Second Place:

· Emma Figlewicz, senior – Headline Writing

· Grace Leeth, sophomore – Advertising


Third Place:

· Erin Fagan, senior – News Writing

· Aaliyah Solano, sophomore – Review Writing


Fourth Place:

· Raven Easterly, senior – Advertising

· Michael Totosz, junior – Copy Editing


Fifth Place:

· Michael Totosz, junior – Sports Writing


Sixth Place:

· Raven Easterly, senior – Editorial Cartooning

· Miguel Cambray Jr., sophomore – Feature Writing


Plainfield East High School


First Place:

· Megan McDonough, senior, and Lindsey Schwerdlin, senior – Yearbook Theme Development

· David Enriquez, senior – Photo Story Telling

· Laine Cibulskis, junior – Review Writing

· Rayne Branch, sophomore – Broadcast News


Second place:

· Laine Cibulskis, junior – Copy Editing

· Eddie Burgin, junior – Infographics

· Adam Jackson, junior – Photo Story Telling


Fourth Place:

· Mikaela Ramirez, senior – Editorial Cartoon

· Ivy He, junior – Yearbook Copy Writing


Fifth Place:

· Eddie Burgin, junior – Headline Writing


Sixth Place:

· Savannah Downing, senior – Yearbook Caption Writing

· Laine Cibulskis, junior – Editorial Writing


Plainfield South High School


Second Place:

· Brooke Anderson, senior – Video News

· Delaney O’Sullivan, junior – Review Writing


Third Place:

· Mia Emerson, senior – Editorial Cartoon


Fourth Place:

· Ella Underwood, sophomore – Headline Writing


Sixth Place:

· Mia Emerson, senior – Advertising

· Noah Maldonado, senior – Infographics



Plainfield North High School


Third Place:

· Valerie Loeblich, senior – Video News


Fifth Place:

· Madalyn Mirallegro, senior – Editorial Writing

· Hailee Munno, sophomore – Review Writing