Movie Nights, Now At Home

Maddy Mirallegro, Co-Editor in Chief

The loud chatter of the group seated behind you is no more; same with the child who kicks your seat repeatedly. All of the disturbances that occur in movie theatres are gone because you can stream all of the new movies from the peace and comfort of your own home.

When the pandemic struck, local movie theatres closed down. But was that such a bad thing? 

Multiple streaming services such as HBOMax and Disney+ are releasing new movies that were set to come out in theatres.

The plus side of watching movies from home is no stranger talks loudly during the movie or is being rude. Additionally, patrons don’t have to deal with others being on their phone during the movie and distracting others.

 People also won’t have to sit on uncomfortable chairs anymore. Instead, viewers can watch from their couch or bed. There is also the bonus of being able to stop the movie at the viewers convenience, such as needing to go to the bathroom or grabbing a snack.

Because of the size of the space, movie theaters are notoriously freezing cold. It is common for people to be forced to bring an extra hoodie, jacket or even a blanket into the theatre, but at home people get to choose their comfort level.

In this era of COVID, Another bonus to getting to watch from the luxury of home is that viewers will no longer have to sit close to germ-spreading strangers during a movie. 

In an attempt to lure patrons back, theaters are touting sanitizing protocols.  Although the cleaning procedures of the movie have changed, workers might not be able to hit every major contact point every time they clean – especially between shows. Thus, countless spots of the theatre are still covered in germs.

Although masks are required upon entrance, some patrons may choose to leave their masks off after eating their movie snacks. Not wearing masks in a public place is considered a health hazard because of how the virus is spread.

If sanitation is not a concern, then the exorbitant cost should be. Going to movie theatres is often a very expensive outing. Compared to Netflix’s price of $17.99 per month for all movies, children tickets cost $10.69, adult prices are $13.69 and senior prices are $12.69 at local AMC movie theatres. A viewer can enjoy 30 days of movies for less than a family cost of one outing at the movie theatre.

During this era movie theatres can be considered one giant super spreader location. Thanks to modern technology and different streaming sites people are now able to have a better viewing experience with a low risk of getting sick.