Movie theater nostalgia should not be forgotten



Naperville AMC Theater anxiously awaits the return of moviegoers.

Gianna Feminis, Co-Editor in Chief and Sports Editor

The delectable smell of popcorn as one walks into a movie theater is something that simply cannot be replicated and is an experience that should be preserved at all costs. Going to the movie theater is not only a nostalgic way of viewing a new film, but it also provides opportunities most people do not have at home. 

The snacks offered as soon as a patron walks into a theater are eye catching, and  popcorn and candy is readily on hand not only for guests to initially purchase but also to replenish throughout the movie. 

Local theaters also have Coca-Cola Freestyle machines which allow guests to create beverage combinations of their choice all with a touch of a button. The rows of candy before the cash register along with the unlimited creative soda fountains contain more options than most home cabinets and pantries do.

Additionally, modern theaters have elevated their movie watching experience by adding reclining chairs in addition to the surround sound speakers and large viewing screen. These factors make guests feel like they are immersed in the movie itself. 

Blockbuster franchises such as the “Avengers” and “Star Wars” are known for crushing box office records, but they are also known for their incredible cinematic experience. The infamous “snap” in “Avengers: Infinity War” is not as shocking on a basic home television as it is when displayed on a larger than life screen and surrounded by others experiencing it for the first time too. The buildup and excitement of seeing blockbuster films on the big screen is memorable and something that is often discussed years after the movie’s theatrical release. 

Midnight shows are also offered for highly anticipated movies in order to give fans the earliest view of the film before anyone else. It also gives moviegoers a chance to see what happens before spoilers appear on the internet.

Moviegoing is a great activity especially for families with children because it gets everyone out of the house. This has been especially true this  past year when families have been forced to stay inside and avoid interaction with others due to the coronavirus pandemic. Bringing children to see a movie can help get them reacclimate with society and experience a sense of normalcy while also having a good time. 

3D movies are also appealing to children, as these types of films are only shown in a theater. Between the glasses and the movie literally popping out of the screen, 3D movies keep children engaged, quiet and in their seats. 

The business part of movie theaters is also very important because it provides jobs. Between cashiers, ushers and maintenance workers, there are a lot of people who go into making the moving watching experience enjoyable for guests, and many people depend on these jobs for income. 

Furthermore, box office sales are also important to the movie industry. Not only do movie theaters benefit greatly from ticket sales, but movie studios receive about 60% of a film’s ticket sales according to

“Tenet”, a movie released during the pandemic lost up to $100 million according to because it was released digitally. The action/sci-fi film was expected to make Warner Brothers Studios over $500 million in theaters.

If the cost of going to a movie is a concern, discounts and deals can make moviegoing affordable for families,so it does not have to break the bank. Certain theaters also hold deals and memberships to make the theater experience more affordable. According to, matinee tickets are 30% off. AMC also has a membership program called AMC Stubs which gives members opportunities to gain points and potentially see movies for free.

The overall entertainment value of seeing a movie in theaters cannot be replicated in another setting. The anticipation moviegoers experience walking into a theater to the almost out of body feeling during the final credits is a feeling that would not take place at home. Movie theaters not only give guests a way to relax, but also a way to escape from reality for a bit.