‘Star Wars Squadrons’ Epic Fun

Jonathan Shelby, Staff Writer

STAR WARS: Squadrons is an online multiplayer space combat game that was released by Motive Studios Oct. 2, 2020, and published by Electronic Arts. Squadrons appeals to the STAR WARS fans who enjoy the explosive space battles from the movies and cartoon series. 

Players are presented with the opportunity to create their own unique custom character with their own gender, voice and appearance and then choose to fly for the forces of good alongside the Rebel Alliance or for the glory of the Empire. The story revolves around the player as they experience both sides and get to know their squadron. Whichever side they are on can be changed at any time in the story along with their faction’s respective starfighters.

Several types of starfighters can be chosen: the X-Wing for the Rebel Alliance and the Tie Fighter for the Empire. All of the ships can be heavily upgraded and modified to the player’s tastes. The details of the interior of each starfighter are also incredibly accurate and realistic with each part serving a purpose of aiding the flying ability of the player, such as increasing speed or giving more health and the damage of the main or standby weapons such as proton torpedos, can be modified or upgraded.

The difficulty of the game can be changed at any given moment for a more challenging and realistic experience for the hardcore dogfighting fans or an easier approach for those attempting to get better with the game or enjoy the story. While playing through the story or online with others, the game is absolutely breathtaking, and while the controls might take a while to learn, there are multiple tutorials that go over what the player is capable of  doing in the cockpit. The story itself takes around eight to nine hours to complete without any interruptions. 

In multiplayer mode, there is an option of teaming up with other players and forming your own unique squad of pilots while taking on other teams with their specific own designs, customizations and strategies. Players can even form a unique party with their friends of up to five members and select favorite ships and styles to go with that specific group. Squadrons is actually quite similar to STAR WARS: Battlefront 2’s Starfighter Assault which is also an objective-based space multiplayer battle. 

While STAR WARS: Squadrons may be of the STARS WARS genre, its main appeal is on the aesthetics of flying and dogfighting in space, and it does not have any of the lightsaber or ground-based battles that are beloved by so many fans in the franchise.  Squadrons is still receiving live service updates and bug fixes for its player base and its newest multiplayer mode, Fleet Battles, revolves around teamwork and taking the enemy capital ship down while also defending their team’s main flagship. 

STAR WARS: Squadrons is rated PEGI 12+ , retails for $39.99 and is available on Playstation and XBox platforms.