Fashion Club encourages individuality


Photo by Nicole Deguzman

The Fashion Club created “mood boards” for outfit inspiration at their Feb. 3rd meeting.

Gianna Feminis, Co Editor-in-Chief and Sports Editor

A New Year brings new after school activities, and the Fashion Club is North’s latest edition. 

“It officially became a club on January 5, 2021, and our first meeting was on January 20,” junior treasurer Nichole Ogbeide said. 

Fashion Club revolves around everything fashion related including trends, designers and creating outfits. It was started by junior Nicole Deguzman.

“The idea formed when I realized I wasn’t really  involved in school because not a lot of extracurriculars interested me,” Deguzman said. “Because of this, I made Fashion Club since it’s a part of so many people’s lives.”

The club is sponsored by social studies teacher Nicole Stewart and family and consumer science teacher Jessica Rottman. 

“Fashion is actually a class I can teach, but it is not currently running at North,” Rottman said. “It’s something I enjoy, and there really seemed to be a student interest in it, so I wanted to give them that opportunity to have that club and have students that maybe aren’t interested in other things to give them something new and something different.”

Different looks are planned to be shared throughout the year as well as members expressing who they are through their clothing. 

“Some activities include reviewing fashion looks, creating your own pieces and sharing your style,” junior vice president Anna Cousins said. “Each meeting will have a theme.”

Future Fashion Club activities consist of  designing mood and style boards as well as creating some pieces of their own. There might even be a possibility of watching former Bravo T.V. show, “Project Runway.” 

“I wanted to help others express themselves and gain confidence which is what I needed as well,” Deguzman said.

North students with different levels of fashion knowledge and experience can be a part of the Fashion Club. 

“Students should join Fashion Club because it is a place where we can all come together to share our common interest of fashion, build up each other’s confidence and be ourselves,” Cousins said. 

Fashion Club meets the first Wednesday of each month at 2:00 p.m. and is currently meeting via Zoom. 

“As soon as we get the okay and it’s safe to do, we definitely plan on meeting in person,” Rottman said. 

Students can find information about Fashion Club by viewing  morning announcements, contacting any of the officers or sponsors or by following their Instagram account @pnhsfashion. 

“It’s not about what you can afford or the clothes that you currently have, but rather how fashion makes you feel and the type of impact you think you can have,” Ogbeide said.