Winter activities


Photo by Kelly Lynch

Children take advantage of heavy snowfall at a Plainfield Park.

Kelly Lynch, Features Editor

From sledding to snowboarding and snow forts to snowball fights, many people enjoy the snow. Everyone is outside having a fun time in the snow. Numerous winter activities available for people who like the cold.

Many of the pastimes such as hiking and sightseeing are free.  For some people this has become an annual event. 

 “As one of our traditions, we like to have a fire outside for winter solstice,” Spanish teacher Emilie Hatzl said. “We hike at Waterfall Glen, Knoch Knolls and climb the stairs in Palos to get out in nature.

Kids like to build snow forts as tall as they can or dig a burrow type igloo. . They have snowball fights with each other that can last for hours. Building snowmen is also fun to have a peaceful time playing in the cold.

We make it a point to get outside for fresh air every day, even if we have to really bundle up,” Hatzl said. “ Around here they love building a snowman in the yard, sledding and having snowball fights.

Other activities can cost money like ice rinks and ski parks.Rocket Ice Rink in Bolingbrook is still open for the season and the place to go when wanting to ice skate. There’s a $5 admission, and it’s $3 to rent a pair of skates. They also offer private lessons or public skating times. 

“I would always go ice skating with my friends every year,” freshman Ava Coyne said. “It’s so much fun, even though I can’t skate very well. It’s not that expensive, so we go a couple times throughout winter.”

Canlan Ice Sports is another rink mainly used for hockey and figure skating events. They offer private lessons for hockey and figure skating. It will cost a person  $107 for five classes to learn the basics of skating.

“When I was younger, my parents signed me up  for figure skating lessons,” freshman Sarah Walker said. “ They taught the basics of how to skate first, and I started to love it right away. I eventually learned some really cool tricks and won some competitions.”

Ski Resorts close to Plainfield like Four Lakes Alpine Snowsports in Lisle and Villa Olivia in Bartlett are closed this season because of the pandemic For people still looking to hit the slopes, Wilmot Mountain Ski Resort in Wilmot, Wisconsin, is open for the winter.  Adult tickets cost  $55 to get on the lift. Skiers can glide down the mountains and swing a couple tricks along the way. 

“I like skiing because every slope is a new challenge,” senior Thomas Pierre said. “Obviously, it’s more fun when you can do it with friends. My friend and I always race each other, and the last person to arrive at the bottom has to pay for dinner. I also really like going up the lift. You can get sick from the view, though. It’s also funny to see people fall.”

Snowboarding is another popular winter sport that many enjoy. Slopes, mountains or hills are where most snowboards choose to slide down and  to learn tricks to show off to the spectators.

“Snowboarding is fun, but it’s also really hard,” junior Keegan Olsen said. “It’s like skateboarding, but it’s more momentum based and requires more balance. I like snowboarding across the bridge obstacle. There’s usually ice on it, and I fall every time, but practice makes perfect.”