2020: Year in review


Paige Collins

20 things we won’t miss from this year and 20 things we are looking forward to in 2021

20 things we won’t miss from this year and 20 things we are looking forward to in 2021 ( Graphic by Paige Collins)

20 Things We Will Not Miss from the Past Year

  • Movie releases being delayed
  • Toilet  paper being out of stock 
  • Not be able to dine indoors
  • Lines outside of stores
  • Having Covid be the subject of every conversation
  • Being dependent on screens and the internet to be entertained
  • Zoom fatigue
  • Limited social interaction 
  • Being scared of people coughing in public
  • Online school
  • Having to wear a mask
  • All these guidelines and safety precautions
  • Checking election updates every hour
  • Panicking whenever you feel even slightly sick
  • The time that we couldn’t spend with a far-away family member
  • Australia’s bushfires that have killed 500 million animals
  • West coast wildfires
  • The countless police brutality cases
  • Being scared for the health of our loved ones
  • Trump being in office

20 Things We Are Looking Forward to in the Next Year

  • Marvel’s “Black Widow” coming out in May
  • “Friends” reunion coming out in March
  • Seeing movies in theaters
  • A new start for small business
  • 2021 Summer Tokyo Olympics
  • Restaurants opening again
  • The release of more PS5 games
  • Being in the audience for concerts and sporting events
  • Going back to Universal Studios and Disney parks
  • Being able to travel safely and comfortably
  • Being able to try on clothes at stores again (no more wrong sizes and returns!)
  • Getting out of the house more
  • Going back to school / Sitting in a classroom to learn
  • Seeing people in person again
  • (Hopefully) the news will not be full of negatives
  • Holiday gatherings in person
  • Vaccine distribution 
  • Sickness rates and death toll going down 
  • Hugging
  • First woman of color as the vice president of the U.S.