Watch Dogs Legion: worth a look


Photo via PC Gamer, original cover art by Ubisoft Corporation

Watch Dogs Legion cover showing the many playable characters the game has to offer.

Nick Pallotto, News Editor

Ubisoft Toronto released the 3rd installment in the Watch Dogs series Watch Dogs Legion on Oct. 29. The game has a whole new look, feel and overall experience. The presentation of the game is beautifully made, with only a few minor issues. 

Players got to enjoy the island of Alcatraz and the tech-savvy city of Silicon Valley in Watch Dogs 2,  but this time players make their way to the cybernetic, Post- Brexit city of London where facial recognition, violence and terrorism remain an everyday occurrence. 

The story starts with a man named Wolfe Dalton who works for the fictional hacker- activist group DedSec. He is seen sneaking into Parliament attempting to disarm a system of explosives set to go off at locations around the city. It is then up to the player to recruit characters around the city to stop the mysterious hacker group Zero Day from causing further havoc.   

A huge part of this game is not only the real-life political side and the scenery of London, but the ability to play as any character in the game. Each character possesses unique abilities that can benefit the player in defeating enemies and building relationships with the characters the player recruits.  

Unlike the first two games in the series, Watch Dogs Legion’s new feature lets players explore the city at their own pace. Characters or levels will not restrict them. Now, players also have the option of choosing who they recruit and how often they choose to recruit characters.  

A key aspect of the game is making sure the character’s reputation is clean and tidy as the player’s choices and actions greatly influence the story. If players wreck their reputation, it is increasingly difficult to establish trust between recruits  and going to certain points in the city may be difficult as a result of a mishandled reputation. 

What separates Watch Dogs Legion from the previous game Watch Dogs 2, is there is always something to keep the player busy such as the ability to hack different security systems and the ability to customize the character’s personality and looks. 

The game still has issues with long loading times. When the game is booted up, the loading times can range from 30-40 minutes which is frustrating. 

The mechanics and controls of the game can be an issue as well. It’s very difficult to switch between items the character has within the inventory. Also, it often lags, and it’s hard to progress in the game during those situations. The game also has issues with corrupted saves. Progress can be lost, and this can be frustrating. This doesn’t happen to every player, but it can happen. 

Ubisoft is set to release the online feature of the game for PC and all consoles on Dec 1. Players will be required to have an online membership such as Xbox Live in order to play this game mode. 

Watch Dogs Legion gets a 9/10 and is highly recommended for people of all ages. It retails for $59.99.