Girl’s golf overcomes Covid concerns


Photo by Makayla Mussato.

Senior Mia Bernasol hits an explosive shot out of a bunker

Gianna Feminis, Co-Editor in Chief and Sports Editor

Despite the everyday obstacles that are being faced in today’s world, North girl’s golf has found a way to make the most of their season.

Although most contact sports moved to the spring due to coronavirus concerns, girl’s golf is one of the few sports still running this fall.

“A normal golf season would consist of about 20 matches where our team of golfers would face an opponent and the team with the lowest 4 score total would win,” girl’s golf coach Jonathan Seibert said. “Rule changes have been put in place in order to facilitate safe social distancing.”

The 11-girl team started their season in late August, and this particular season has come with many challenges that they have not had to face in the past. Balancing remote learning and practice has been an adjustment.

“Our practices don’t go past five, which works out giving me time to get home and start my homework right away,”  senior team captain Mia Bernasol said.

The athletes are required to take their temperatures before every practice and meet. Masks are also required to be worn if social distancing can not be kept.

“It’s challenging playing with a mask and maintaining six feet,” sophomore Hailee Munno said. “It takes away the fun social part of being on a team.”

Rules changes have also been put in place in order to adhere to social distancing rules.

“We no longer are allowed to remove the flag from the hole when putting,” Seibert said.  “Golfers are also not allowed to rake sand bunkers.”

The pandemic has also caused their state invite to be canceled, which was announced two weeks before the season started.

“Although I am very grateful we still have a season, I wish we could have a state tournament,” junior Makayla Mussato said.

Because of lack of social interaction, the athletes find it more difficult to bond with each other with all of the restrictions in place. Bernasol reported that simple things such as riding the bus to a meet was how they really got to know each other.

“I don’t get to see my teammates as often because after matches,” Bernasol said. “We have to leave right away.”

Though social distancing rules are making it difficult to play golf this season, the unpredictability of the weather has also been a factor. 

“The weather can be crazy when we golf,” Mussato said. “The wind and rain makes it very difficult to play, and we will sometimes cancel because of the rain.”

The team typically plays two to three times a week weather permitting. They are working on continuing to improve as they adapt to the new circumstances.

“Though this season comes with its challenges and it’s a bit weird, we always have so much fun,” Munno said.

Jonathan Seibert coaches junior Makayla Mussatto as she tees off. Photo by Mia Bernasol.
Junior Makayla Mussato eyes her shot on the green. Photo by Mia Bernasol.
Sophomores Hannah Laube, Gianna Jaronik, and Jillian Schudiske make their way to the next hole. Photo by Mia Bernasol.