Quarantine and Television

Rufus Hines, Staff Writer

As most of the world finds themselves in quarantine, one of the only hobbies to do is to watch shows. If you have exhausted all the new trending shows, you may want to look to the past.

Science Fiction
Altered Carbon: Available on Netflix.
The main character in the show is Joel Kinnamn/Anthony Mackie as Takeshi Kovacs.
Kovacs is trying to find himself and soulmate Quellcrist Falconer (played by Renee Elise Goldberry). Kovacs is in virtual prison for fifty years because he was accused of murdering lots of guards.
Kovacs got out and was picked up by Kristin Ortega (played by Martha Higareda) to meet the guy who released him, Laurens Bancroft (played as James Purefoy) to solve a mystery about who killed him. Bancroft is very rich, so when he died, he revived himself rather than being someone else.When people die in general in this show, people or families can pay to get that person a sleeve (body) to be in.
There are different types of sleeves. It is between how much money they have in this show. Some get poor sleeves, middle class sleeves, and rich sleeves. People also can get back their sleeve like Bancroft if you find it or rich enough to get it.
This show has a lot of action, plot twists and it is very deep about how “rich people get what they want.” What this means is that some rich people in real life are corrupt, and people will have to riot or one person has to expose them.

Pros: The action is amazing and makes the audience think.. The other is the strong storyline. The story of season one is about who is the main antagonist of the show.
Cons: the only con is the sexual parts. When people look at this show, it is very sexual for no reason sometimes. The virtual scenes are just too much all together.

“When they See Us” Available on Netflix.
Set in New York City, a woman is found beaten, raped and killed. The police arrested five teens first and accused all of them that they all jumped the girl. They became known as the Central Park Five.
The teens consist of Korey Wise (played as Jharrel Jerome), Kevin Richeradson (played as Asante Blackk and Justin Cunningham) Yusef Salaam ( played as Chris Chalk and Ethan Herisse), Raymond Santana ( played as Freedy Miyares and Marquis Rodriguez), Antron McCray ( played as Jovan Adepo and Caleel Harris ).
Then they told each other that they hit this woman even though none of them did it to get out of the interrogation, but that did not happen.
Even though they were falsely accused, Trump in the 90’s made it his goal to get them in jail for life. He paid for advertisements on tv saying that these kids are horrible. Eventually, The Central Park five were found guilty and went to jail.
This is an important documentary for people to watch because this case was underrated in the 90’s because of a more well-known murder case involving O.J. Simpson was making headlines.

Pro: the actors are all amazing. For example, In the last episode, Wise was trying to find some way to call his mom, but cops would not let him. Then Wise broke down and it was very emotional. Ava DuVernay (”Cherish The Day”) is the director of this show and shows all of her creativity here while trying to provide the facts of the case.

Con: DuVernay does not go through the whole case or history of what specifically Wise has been through. Out of all the Central Park Five, he received the worst treatment in prison for 14 years until the actual killer confessed in 2002.