MLB The Show 2020 Review

Ethan Fleming, Staff Writer

MLB’s The Show 2020 created by SIE Worldwide Studios is a great game with awesome animations and great graphics. The game was released on March 17. This is the 23rd annual MLB video game released on Sony’s PlayStation. With every new release comes new rosters, updates, game modes and features.

The studio is also well known for creating other PlayStation games such as God of War and Uncharted. SIE Worldwide has been partnered with the MLB for a long time, and that’s what makes it possible for it to produce this game.

The audience is continuously growing with people being forced indoors during this pandemic. With Major League Baseball’s suspended season, it has created a player tournament for real Major League players to play other Major League players to find the best MLB The Show 2020 player.

Javier “El Mago” Báez is the first ever Chicago Cubs player to be featured as the cover athlete. Báez will also be receiving unique animations with his in-game character accustomed to his real-life dances and skills. One famous animation he will receive is his no look tag from the World Classic Baseball tournament.

Over 700 new gameplay animations were put into this year’s edition of the game. Most animations include celebratory animations for certain players that are well known for those celebrations, such as the “Soto Shuffle” performed by Washington Nationals 21-year-old Juan Soto.
Following MLB’s, The Show 2019, the latest additions include new storylines for My Player game modes. The storyline begins with the player going through a combine/tryout to see which team the player will be selected to play for. After the combine/tryout, the player begins his minor league journey playing games until he is called up to the major leagues.

One new feature coming to the My Player game mode is that with every team the player is on, he will need to get his reputation up with his teammates in order to perform better on the field. If the player and a teammate do not have a good reputation together, they will perform poorly in games, but if they have a good reputation, their team chemistry will increase making it easier for them to play.

Roster updates are also bigger than ever with many big-name players being traded, released, retired and free agents in this off-season. Users will get to see many new players wearing new uniforms in this year’s edition of the game.

This is also the first year that the game will include full minor league rosters. Since they are including the Minor League roster, players will be able to play real minor league players in the My Player game mode.

The biggest addition to the game is a new mode called “Showdown.” With this new mode players will be able to draft players and upgrade their team by playing games and earning rewards as well as buying new players. Unlike NBA 2K’s My Team, as of now there are no talks of being able to customize personal team’s stadium, jerseys or logos.

Overall, this game is great and is getting lots of players to join the community. The Show 2020 took all the mistakes with the previous year’s edition such as loading into a game with no fans in the crowd and fixing their servers so gamers are less likely to crash or lag out of the game and fixed them making this year’s version more dynamic.