Taking Sides: Private Schools

Lilianna Kallas, Co-Editor-In-Chief

Deciding between going to a private college or a public college can be a tough choice at first when someone doesn’t know all of the facts about going to a private college.
There are many benefits to choosing a private school rather than a public university.
It is a common misconception that it costs too much money to attend a private school, however, this is simply not true. Many schools offer plenty of scholarships to heavily reduce the price of tuition.
For example, the cost tuition without the scholarships at Augustana college for 2020-2021 $45,136 and the with scholarships it reduces to $17,386. Once a student factors in scholarships such as Merit award / presidential scholarship for $26,000, a visit grant for $1,000, and early fliers award for $750.
Colleges like University of Illinois tuition prices are $15,122, which is not much cheaper than Augustana and for only slightly more money you could get much more.
Another advantage to private schools is education is more challenging and a student would get the very most out of every class that they take. According to collegecouncilingservices.com “The professors working in private institutions typically have more experience and come from a research background, and those professors have experience in fields that public university teachers do not.”
According to niche.com “Private colleges are smaller and quieter, although they strive to offer varied activities as well. Because elite private colleges and universities often attract more scholarly students, the focus is typically more on academics than on sports, partying, and Greek life.”
It is also more prestiges to go to a well known private school. When looking for a job after college someone employer would look at something like that and see it very highly of you for attending a more prestigious school.
Private schools typically have half the size class as a public school which means less rules and regulations. Private schools do not have to work with the state regulations on schoolingExtensive Curriculum because they aren’t funded by the government so private colleges get more freedom of what the curriculum is.
It is also more of a safe environment. According to privateschoolreview.com Robert Kennedy, “One of the most important reasons why private schools tend to be safe places for your children is because they all have discipline codes. These discipline codes are enforceable and indeed are enforced simply because you and your child entered into a legal contract with the school when you agreed to send your child to the school.”
Private schools are seen as more prestigious than public schools, and parents like the idea of sending their child to the type of people working and learning around them at private colleges.
A lot of schools have benefits on their campus like DePaul has a huge gym that is free to use as well as other amenities.
According to prepexpert,com “Private schools tend to have a smaller number of teams and clubs to choose from initially. Because of their greater focus on academic specialization, private schools place less emphasis on extracurriculars. However, what is available is usually fairly diverse.” which means that while students want to have fun they are going to get the most out of their education.