North junior, Opens Micro-Pantry for Eagle Project

Emily Nottke, Staff Writer

The Eagle Scout project is the opportunity for a boy scout to demonstrate leadership of others while performing a project for the benefit of his community. Junior Thomas Brooks was inspired to create a new micro pantry in Plainfield for his Eagle Scout project.
“There was another pantry in town on the south side of Plainfield, and that was where I got my inspiration from,” Brooks said.
Micro pantries affect the community in a positive way. They provide people who struggle a chance to put food on the table. The pantry has a variety of food to choose from including “any non-perishable food like mac and cheese and pastas,” Brooks said. “Anybody in the community can take from the pantry.”
Helping Brooks maintain this project is Joette Doyle a District 202 Board of Education member, who also runs other pantries.
“It’s fueled completely on community donations,” Brooks said.
The micro pantry movement first started by Jeff Eberhard in Will County. It was to give people that chance to donate or take what they need anonymously.
Eagle Scout rank is important to boys and carries a special significance, not only in scouting but also as they enter higher education, business or industry and community service. The award is a performance-based achievement.
Approximately 20 micro pantries exist around the Chicagoland area. Brooks’ pantry is located at 11850 Illinois Route 59, Plainfield.
“It’s open and at the Keller Williams real estate office,” Brooks said.