What to do After Prom

Jeneau McClain, Staff Writer

Prom kicks off in Chicago at Soldier Field on May 8, and many choices have been made such as who will go together and what to wear. The next big decision is what plans to make after prom.
When it comes to prom a lot of seniors like to rent out Airbnb’s for the weekend with their friends. Since prom is in the heart of Chicago, certain areas can be expensive.
“Me and eight other people plan on staying at Radisson Blu Hotel downtown and staying Saturday-Monday,” senior Abigail Richardson said. “It’s $194.65 but we are all splitting so we each only have to pay roughly $25.”
Other seniors have lake houses or cabins that their family owns, so that is a fun way to spend time with friends after prom.
“I will be catching up on sleep after prom,” senior Isabella Devenuto said. “The next morning, about 30 friends and I will be going to a cabin house to spend two nights. We have tons of games to play and are excited to spend some quality time together before graduation.”
If you do not plan on renting a place for a night or two, going to the beach is a great, affordable and free way to spend time with friends as well.
“After prom I plan on staying in Michigan with friends. There is a nearby beach where we are staying so if it’s warm, we plan on spending time on the beach at the lake. I really enjoy spending time on the beach because it’s a great way for me to relax,” senior Corin Ewald said.
Chicago museums are also a can’t-miss destination. Going to a museum is great way to spend time after prom because it’s less of a worry to have to pay and it’s a fun and interesting way to view displayed items of artistic culture. Chicago has plenty of museums in and around the city that are completely free. The DePaul Art Museum, Loyola University Museum of Public Art, and Chicago Cultural Center are all free museums located in Chicago.
“After prom my boyfriend and I plan on going to the Adler Planetarium,” junior Taylor Majka said. “My boyfriend and I have never been before, so since we will be in Chicago, we feel it’s a great time to go. We plan on spending our day there and staying until around lunch time.”
Seeing a movie is another great way to have a good time while not being as active after enjoying prom. Insidious: The Dark Realm releases May 5, so that’s a popular and scary movie to go see with friends. Other movies that are released around that time are “Greyhound & The Tax Collector.”
“I love watching scary movies,” senior Shaneve Cal said. “My friends and I plan on going to see “Insidious: The Dark Realm after prom at AMC River East 21 in Chicago. We saw Insidious: The Last Key’ last year and it was pretty good so with a new series releasing we want to go see this one.”