North wrestlers go to mat during sectionals


Lilianna Kallas, Co-Editor-in-Chief

North’s wrestling team is a determined and a lower classmen team hoping to win big things this season.

The team being rather young they are working extra hard to live up to the previous seasons.

“With the team being so young they came back this year with a lot of maturity and growth,” head coach Jobi Bodi said. “They also show lots of focus and engagement during practice.”

The team captains are sophomore Jared Gumila, sophomore Jacob Macatangay and senior Dylan Amico.

“Those three guys have great leadership qualities and are a great judge of character,” Bodi said.

The team works hard together to make a good impression and set good examples for other students going into varsity next year.

“Something important would be my team motivating me and teaching me about my mistakes,” sophomore Jude Rotkis said.

Lots of the team has had injuries throughout the season, but the team still continues to work on what they need to, to prosper.

“We are mostly sharpening things we already have, and most importantly staying healthy.” Bodi said.

Lots of the teammates are working to improve themselves from last season. Motivation is a big thing for lots of them this year.

“Last season I struggled a lot with my mindset and motivations when it came to wrestle and this season I have worked through my discomforts and have been motivated all the way by my goals to finish” Dylan Amico said.

The season isn’t over yet, and the coach and team still have strong goals. Coach Bodi says that he wants to send as many people as possible to sectionals and individual state tournaments.

“Personally, I’m striving to place this year.” Amico said, “with this being my last season competing I feel that I have something to prove to myself by making it on the podium.”

The team is solid however they have some drawbacks that the team is proving to overcome. 

“Being a young team and not as mature as other weights physically and mentally is a setback,” Bodi said.