Art Show


Ireland Shelton, Co-Editor-in-Chief

North senior Stephanie Dudley won Best in Show on Jan.9, at the Lewis University High School Art Invitational for her ceramic and acrylic piece. The piece is a ceramic statue of a man with one leg fishing.

“His missing leg leaves wonder to the viewer, a hidden story,” Dudley said.

Dudley had a specific idea of how she wanted the piece to be positioned.

“Going into my piece, I only knew one thing, I wanted it to hang over the edge of a shelf in some way,” Dudley said. “As I began working on it, it became seemingly difficult to attach all the limbs. The clay was so soft that the slightest bend or uphold would break off, but in the process of breaking and reattaching it inspired me to bring life to my figure.”

Dudley’s art features a man who is missing a leg.

“His missing leg leaves wonder to the viewer, a hidden story.” Dudley said.

This wasn’t Dudley’s first time participating in the art show. She was also successful her freshman year.

“The last time I participated in the Lewis show … with a graphite still life drawing that won Honorable Mention,” Dudley said.

Dudley believes both pieces were picked for the same reason.

“Both the ceramic fisherman and the graphite drawing were chosen for the craftsmanship and attention to detail,” Dudley said.

The other North winner was junior Valerie Loeblich who won an honorable mention for her charcoal piece “Untitled.”Art teachers were allowed to enter up to 10 pieces of art that students created ranging in different categories such as clay, paint, marker, photograph, ink, charcoal and mixed media.