Badminton rallies through season


Preston Zbroszczyk, Sports Editor

North’s badminton season is under way. The Tigers hope they can get a quad team to the state qualifiers for the first time in school history.
Senior Julia De Guzman reflected on her badminton career.
“As a senior, my goal was to focus on improving myself and also motivating the younger levels to have fun and help the team,” De Guzman said.
Coach Erin Smith took over the Tigers badminton team four years ago and changed the entire look and culture of the team; she also gave the Tigers their first program singles state qualifier in her first season as the coach.
“Coach Smith has incorporated new drills and ways to help improve dynamics and skills,” De Guzman said.The Tigers began the season on March 25 at home against Joliet West with the team hitting on all cylinders in an impressive 12 to 3 win to start the season.
“The team gained a lot of morale and we celebrated and continued to strive for greatness,” senior Naomy Diaz said.