Tigers take over stage


Georgia Slowik, Staff Writer

The lights dim and the audience’s chatter falls to a hush. The dancers strike their starting pose, while the spotlight falls on center stage. Slowly, the music hits.
North’s annual dance showcase was held on April 12 to raise money for the dance program at North.
“[The money raised] will be used for new speakers in the dance room,” showcase director Callie Gliwa said.
Many months of preparation and hard work went into putting on the production. Dance rehearsals began in February and ran through the week of the show. Dress rehearsals took place two days before the show.
“Since we had 45-minute practices once a week, we had to stay really focused and work hard on our dances,” senior Brooke Buchanan said.
The dances varied by genres and included styles such as hip hop, lyrical, contemporary and jazz. Each dance had a purpose, whether it was to tell a story or to simply captivate the audience.
“My favorite dances to be a part of were ‘Haunted’ or ‘Seven Devils,’” Buchanan said. “They are so different than dances I’ve been in in the past.”
Buchanan, as well as many other dancers, were in multiple dances, which required quick changes to prepare for their next dance. Making sure dancers have enough time to completely change costumes can be difficult.
“[The hardest part was] trying to figure out the order of the dances since some kids are in multiple dances,” Gliwa said. “It takes time.”
Though the dances come together in the end, the challenge is putting the dances together. It takes communication and team work to execute each dance. With many dances to remember and perform, the dancers need to know what is expected of them.
“The hardest part was making sure everything is ready and that everyone knows everything,” junior Sheridan Kravik said.
Anyone can audition for the showcase; no dancing experience is required. Experienced dancers welcomed and encouraged anyone to try out for the show.
“Even if you’re not a dancer, you should try it because the experience is fun,” Gliwa said.
Dancers involved in the showcase entertain the crowd but also enjoyed the experience. Their hard work paid off when the dances were brought to life on stage.
“It was a lot of fun dancing with all my friends,” Kravik said.
Seeing the showcase can inspire students to get involved.
“After watching it freshman year, I knew I wanted to be involved in it their next three years,” Buchanan said. “If you want to be involved in the showcase, don’t be afraid to do it.”
Performing in this showcase was bittersweet for seniors knowing it was the last time they would be up on the stage with their high school dance team.
“I am sad, but I am happy I was involved with it the past four years,” senior Taylor Dembowski said.