Lessons obtained over four years

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Lessons obtained over four years

Thomas Tracey, Sports Editor

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The cliché that high school is the best four years of your life is all about perspective. For one it means something entirely different than another because of specific experiences, friendships and many other factors.

What I can say about my experience is that I found my place and have gradually worked on coming to terms with who I am as a person and what makes me unique. A main part of my identity at North is being a member of the distance crew for cross country and track.

This team was more accurately a second family to me over the years. I ended up establishing some of my closest friendship and greatest memories as a result of being involved and finding a group at school where I felt that I belonged.

The most important thing that the team taught me was the value in true friendships and what it means to have a group that is willing to work at something and train together. I learned over the years how to break down social barriers on the team and find a way to have a positive and cohesive relationship with each of my teammates.

Another important thing that I can take away from my years of running at North is the mental part of it. I have seen firsthand and experienced the power of the mind, especially when it comes to this sport.

It requires being well prepared in several ways. This sport showed me an entirely new meaning for mental toughness and how locked in I must be prior to each race in order to have the best chance of success.

My high school experience in general has been phenomenal in many ways. The early wake up time, tests and sometimes confusion/difficulty that comes with learning were all definite negatives. However, it becomes easy to overlook when I remember the funny moments/people, the unforgettable nights having fun with my friends, the chill teachers that would talk sports with me (Mr. Saini) and most of all the remarkable friends that I will never forget.

I would hope that all of us have found something to bring with them after high school, whether a memory, team, club, or friendship. Doing what makes you happy as a person is most important and shapes our identity in a way that allows us to look at ourselves in the mirror and truly love ourselves through it all.

This is important now, as adults, to sustain our happiness and know ourselves going into this next stage of our lives. I wish all of you luck for whatever comes next.

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