At Issue: Students do no need to go to college after high school

Caroline Baumker, Editor-in-Chief

Most children are told time and again about the importance of going to college in order to lead a successful life, but that isn’t always accurate.

Parents practically shove the idea of college down their child’s throat since birth like it is a saving grace in a way, and because of that, children know of no other alternative option.

Yes, education is important and college can prepare a person for a career, but there are downsides and exceptions to it. Not everyone is meant to go to college or at least directly after high school.

One reason is getting a degree is not  always necessary. Some jobs that require training can be done through either an apprenticeship or through a vocational school like Coyne College in Chicago. Examples include becoming a dental hygienist, diagnostic medical sonographer, a cosmetologist or even an electrician.

People can also decide to join the military instead of attending college, which allows them to serve their country, as well as receive training in fields like photography and aviation.

If they decide to attend college later on, they are not faced with as much debt since they often take jobs to pay for their tuition using the training they received or the miltary pays part of their tuition.

Another reason is that some high schools poorly prepare their students for the transition to college when it comes to things like work load and being checked up on. High school education greatly differs from college life because it is way more independent.

In high school while students do their work, they get monitored more by parents, counselors and other adults. Students in college are on their own.

It doesn’t make sense for someone to go to college under these circumstances unless he or she can take remedial classes, or classes that focus on basic concepts.  Many colleges either do not offer these types of class or the student has to pay for them.

What works for one person doesn’t work for the another.  There are many different ways for people to go about their education.

A gap year can also be beneficial for a student because it gives a person time to take a break for a little while. College can be stressful and not everyone wants to dive right into it after they graduate from high school.

It also gives students an opportunity to get a job and save up money to use for college tuition and expenses.

People should not limit themselves to a stereotypical education that might not work out for them in the end. There are infinite possibilities to consider when it comes to the future.